Your Toilet is Wasting Water

koll-dual-toilerIn the average American home more than 45% of all water use occurs in the bathroom. And over half of this consumption is flushed down the toilet–quite literally.

As water prices continue to climb year after year, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to cash in with innovative water-saving technologies.

Installing a new high-efficiency “dual-flush” toilet will help you trim back on utility bills and confirm that you’re doing your part for the environment through water conservation.

It’s all about the GPF

GPF, or gallons per flush, is the metric used to determine water consumption levels in toilets. Older toilets need 3.5 to 5 gallons of water for every flush, whereas the new federal standard is a maximum of 1.6GPF.

Forward-thinking companies such as Kohler have raised the bar well beyond the federal standard with their dual-flush system. With a dual-toned trip lever that offers two different flushing options it’s easy to simply pull down on the longer green lever and enjoy an exceptionally low 1.1GPF. Perfect for when you don’t need a complete flush.

Money in your pocket

Studies commissioned to compare conventional 3.5GPF toilets to modern water-efficient units such as the Kohler Dual-Flush have shown that the average household of four can save up to $99 per year on water costs. With savings like this your new toilet will pay for itself in no time.

And it’s not only cold hard cash that you’ll be saving. Annually, each member of your family will be pumping 4,000 fewer gallons of water into the sewage system. 4,000 gallons–per person, per year.

Kohler leads the way 

There are a wide range of “green” toilets available in the marketplace, but Kohler models are the cream of the crop.

Kohler’s siphon jet technology allows for the same powerful flush that you’re used to, but without the waste. Many competitors’ water-saving toilets simply don’t have the power to get the job done, leading to clogs, overflows and other headaches.

To know for sure whether a particular toilet makes the grade, look for the WaterSense® label. To qualify for a WaterSense® sticker, the unit must use 20% less water than a standard 1.6GPF toilet while adhering to stringent flushing performance guidelines.

Dual-Flush is also easier to use. Whereas most water-saving toilets require the flushing mechanism be located on the top of the tank, with Kohler the trip lever is side-mounted. You’ll enjoy the flushing action that you’re accustomed to while keeping the top of the tank clear for tissues or other toiletries.

Sounds great, but what about aesthetics? 

Kohler has recognized that form and function need to go hand-in-hand. That’s why they’ve added their side-mounted Dual-Flush technology to three of their most popular toilets.

To further ensure that every homeowner will find a unit that suits their style and bathroom décor, each design is available in three different finishes and eight diverse colors. With a range of seventy-two unique variations, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home.

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