A Shortcut to an Incredible Shower: Get a Moxie

moxie-showerLet’s start off here with a short warning: this blog post is going to wind up sounding like a sales pitch. But that’s OK, because the Kohler Moxie showerhead is simply that awesome.

Who needs a shower head with a built in wireless speaker? 

Whether you’re the type to rock out, relax to smooth jazz, or brush up on current events with a podcast, your pre-work ritual will be a lot more fun with a Moxie. After all, your morning shower sets the tone for your entire day. Why not put your best foot forward?

Moxie is more than just a stylish gadget for the tech savvy, it’s a whole new way to make the best fifteen minutes of your day even better and the easiest method for blasting your favorite tunes in the shower.

No more grainy music drowned out by shower water

What sets Moxie apart from other shower/speaker combos is most definitely sound quality. Since the wireless speaker docks directly into the center of the shower head with a powerful magnet your music will be up close and personal. With 1.5 Watts, it packs plenty of juice.

To get your playlist rolling, simply sync up any Bluetooth® enabled device, adjust the volume and hop in under the water.

On a full battery the speaker will last an impressive seven hours. When it’s time to charge, just remove the speaker from the center of the head and plug it in to any USB port.

And guess what? The speaker works 100% independently of the shower head, so you can use it anywhere else that you need a portable speaker. Its water resistant design makes it a perfect fit for beach barbecues, pool parties, or listening in the kitchen.

All the shower comfort that you’ve come to expect from Kohler 

Part of the beauty of this product is that music quality does not come at the expense of shower head performance. Moxie is equipped with 60 angled nozzles that provide a fully enveloping spray. Heads come in two models so you can choose the right amount of water pressure to suit your taste.

Additionally, the silicone shower face provides stress-free cleaning for quick and easy removal of lime scale and other build up that can affect shower head performance.

A smooth modern design that fits into any bathroom 

Moxie comes in a variety of colors to match any bathroom décor. Vibrant new speaker colors include the original white, navy blue, a retro Tiffany box blue, chartreuse and a bright cherry red.

Installing your new Moxie showerhead is a breeze. All you’ll need is a wrench and a roll of Teflon tape. Simply twist off your old shower head, pop on your new one and start having more fun in the shower.

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