Here’s why the Cimarron® is a High-Efficiency Toilet like No Other

cimarron-toiletIn the previous post we looked at Kohler’s Dual-Flush system that featured a dual-toned trip lever with two different flush options. We talked about all the money (and water) the typical American household can save every year by installing a WaterSense® qualified toilet.

But what if there was a toilet so efficient that it didn’t need a two flush mechanism?

What if you could enjoy optimum performance and an incredibly low 1.28GPF with each and every flush?

With Kohler’s new Cimarron® line featuring AquaPiston™ technology you can.

Goodbye clogs. Hello AquaPiston™

With just 1.28 gallons of water, the innovative AquaPiston™ patented flush engine delivers a fast, powerful, and plug-free flush each and every time.

Here’s how it works. 

Unlike noisy power flush technologies that require the assistance of an in-tank air bladder to increase pressure, AquaPiston™ uses gravity along with a 3:2 ratio flush valve to quietly optimize power and performance.

The tank, bowl, and trapway are precision engineered to create a strong siphon during flushing and the AquaPiston™ canister allows 360 degree water flow into the bowl to maximize the effectiveness of the flush.

That’s a lot of plumbing techno-speak to say: With AquaPiston™ you can go right ahead and toss out that ratty old plunger.

Cimarron® means comfort

The Cimarron® collection showcases a classic, versatile look with elegant curves and a round-front bowl featuring Comfort Height® chair-height seating.

Comfort Height® ensures that most adults will find it easier to sit down and stand up when compared to standard-height toilets. The variance on the tape reads just 2 inches, but when it comes to comfort these 2 inches make all the difference in the world.

We’d recommend the two-piece Cimarron® line to any homeowner who’s looking to maximize water efficiency, flush performance, and design aesthetics, especially when looking to save space in a smaller bathroom or powder room.

Along with matching Cimarron® pedestal or drop-in bathroom sinks, you can quickly and easily pick out a stunning new combo for your bathroom upgrade.

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