Six top bathroom design trends for 2018

Bathroom design trends--edited (1)How do you make the most out of your bathroom? Considering it is the place where you start and end your day, you want an environment that’s comfortable, yet practical. However, selecting the right features for your bathroom can be difficult.

Although they are relatively small spaces, bathrooms serve many functions and have endless design possibilities. Understanding the latest design trends will help you create a space that you can fall in love with while obtaining optimum efficiency.

There are two specific areas to look at to achieve your ideal space: technology and traditional decor.

Implementing technology

Technology has made our lives easier, from smartphones that connect us to the world to smart cars that assist us in getting where we need to go. Why not bring smart technology to your bathroom as well?

Smart showers

Many bathroom appliances have Bluetooth, wireless and/or energy-saving capabilities.

Want background music while singing in the shower? Smart showers pump out your favorite tunes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Need additional temperature control? Those same showers can adjust water temperature on the fly to keep the median temperature right where you want it.

Water gauges

Do you enjoy relaxing in a steaming hot bath? Then invest in a tub gauge like the TSC-450. This gauge monitors your water temperature so you don’t have to. Go grab a glass of wine from the kitchen and come back to a perfectly drawn bath.

Water-saving toilets

What about efficiency? This is where toilets shine. This Tresham® Comfort Height® toilet sports both extreme water efficiency at 1.28 gallons per flush and a beautiful one-piece design.

Heated floors and linens

For a luxurious experience, install underfloor heating. There’s nothing like exiting a hot shower or bath and having your bare feet land on warm floors. If you can’t install a heating system under your floors, go for a heated mat. You’ll get the same warmth without the pain of installation.

A hanging towel warmer will add to your cozy experience. Whether it’s getting ready for the start of a long day or relaxing before bed, a warm towel may be just the thing to help you transition from the shower to your next task.

Implementing style

Tile, tubs and vanities are the items that anchor the bathroom. As such, these items have the greatest impact in a stylish environment.

Vessel sinks and storage

Vessel sinks, like this sleek Florence model, are the vanities of the future. Mostly seen in commercial design, these countertop-sitting sinks are becoming more and more popular in residential deisgn as well. And what’s not to love? The unique models add so much more character to the bathroom than a traditional sink. Plus, they free up more room for storage.

Floating tubs

Floating bathtubs may be reminiscent of days gone by. But whether your style is Victorian, industrial or contemporary, you can find a floating bathtub to suit your taste.

This Taylor acrylic bathtub perfectly fits a modern design with a symmetrical shape and a delicate outer lip.

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How to create a kitchen you’ll love to use

Create a Luxury Kitchen You'll Love to Use--editedThe kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared and shared and where friends and family gather. From fancy to functional and everything in between, there are kitchen designs for every budget and style. For many people who love to cook and entertain, having a beautiful, luxurious kitchen is a dream.

Whether you’re building a new kitchen, renovating an existing space or simply looking to add features that improve functionality and style, there are many different ways to create a luxury kitchen that you’ll love to use.

Update your cabinets

Whether you choose to purchase and install new cabinets or reface your existing cabinets, don’t settle for what seems easiest; find the cabinets of your dreams. While white or dark wood are the classic choices, colored cabinetry is a trendy pick these days.

Looking for some extra luxury in your cabinets? Add some extra features like built-in spice racks or pull out drawers.

Replace your countertops

If your countertops feel simple or outdated, changing them is easier than you think. Some of the most popular material choices include granite, marble, concrete and quartz.

If you’re replacing your countertops, it might also be a good time to replace your kitchen sink. A popular style these days is the apron front sink.

Add a backsplash

Another easy way to enhance the beauty of your kitchen is by adding a backsplash. A backsplash in a key area, like behind the stove, in not only functional but also adds visual interest to your cooking space. There are so many options, including tiles and glass mosaics that can be combined to create almost any pattern.

Replace your appliances

Nothing improves a kitchen’s appearance or functionality like high-end, stainless steel appliances. Spring for a microwave drawer, refrigerator with built-in coffee maker or professional-grade stoves and see what you’ve been missing. If you have room, you could consider adding a wine refrigerator.

Replace your faucets

Upgrading your sink faucet is a small change with big impact. New fixtures from top brands like Kohler and Delta won’t break your budget but certainly will boost your sink’s appearance and efficiency. Consider adding a pot filler near your stove as well.

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Six gadgets that will transform your home in 2018

Six gadgets that will transform your home in 2018Whether you’re in need of stronger security or a better night’s sleep or just want your home to work with the push of a button or the sound of your voice, give these six gadgets a try.

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How paint can breathe new life into just about anything

How paint can transform just about anythingInstead of throwing out your old dining room table or dresser, grab a couple gallons of paint and breathe new life into it.

A bold new color can transform nearly any piece of decor, making rooms more vibrant and allowing you to enjoy your old pieces again for years to come. Here are just a few ways paint can transform each room in your home.

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What do my plumbing noises mean?

What do my plumbing noises meanThe plumbing system in your home likely doesn’t get a second thought until something goes wrong. When the shower offers hot water, the toilet eliminates waste and you can wash dishes in the kitchen sink, the details of how the pipes work aren’t that important to most people.

But what if, one morning, you notice a thud when you turn off the shower, or a rattling noise after flushing the toilet? Abnormal plumbing noises could be warning signs that something needs attention. Here are the most likely causes of some common plumbing noises.

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10 tips for organizing your refrigerator

10 tips for organizing your refrigeratorDo the eggs go high or low? Does anyone really use the small cubby space for butter? And what about the refrigerator drawers—what’s really supposed to go in those things?

Like real estate, refrigerator organization is all about location. There really is a way to keep your foods fresher for longer. Here’s how to properly organize your fridge.

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5 telltale signs it’s time for a new toilet

zac23334_rgbYou probably don’t give much thought to your toilet until something goes wrong, but years of use can cause it to not work as efficiently as it once did.

Keep an eye out for these signs it’s time to install a new commode.

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10 ways we waste water daily

10 ways we waste water dailyEven though 71 percent of the earth is covered in water, 99 percent of water on earth is either salt water or locked in ice caps and glacier. Only one percent of that water is suitable for drinking, making the need for conservation clear.

Changing bad habits can conserve hundreds of gallons of water every year, and it doesn’t hurt to recognize that saving water will also lower your monthly bill.

Here are 10 ways we waste water every day. Continue reading

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How to create more counter space even in a small kitchen

How to create more counter space even in a small kitchenEven if your kitchen doesn’t have a pantry or walls lined with endless cabinet space, you can still make everything you need fit neatly with a few simple hacks.

Whether you got a new kitchen gadget or you’re just trying to clear more room for meal prep, here are eight ways to create more counter space. Continue reading

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5 ways to fake a mudroom

5 ways to fake a mudroomA mess at the front door becomes even more obvious when there’s no closet to organize and hold everything.

If your home doesn’t have the space for a designated mudroom—somewhere to stash the shoes, coats, book bags and dog leash—here are five ways to reclaim the space you do have and keep the clutter under control.

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