Why You Should Upgrade to a Modern Shower Head Today

running-water-shower-fauct-photo1-S563709478Replacing a shower head is an easy project that can change your entire shower experience.

Transform the act of taking a shower from something you must do into a relaxing, spa-like experience.

Newer shower heads can provide better water pressure while utilizing technology to be more eco-friendly.

For example, some shower heads use air pressure to increase water flow but do not require more gallons per minute.

Moreover, your old shower heads are likely to have clogs; newer technology helps keep nozzles clean.

A Variety of Options

Modern shower heads provide for a variety of options and interesting features. A multifunction shower head will offer spray types from massaging to gentle mist.

There are even shower heads that include LED lights. Change the color to match your mood, or add a splash of fun to a child’s bathroom.

A wall-mounted rain shower head is easy to install and the ultimate in relaxation. Oversized rain shower heads are a fabulous choice because your whole body is covered in relaxing rain-like drops. You can also choose from square and round designs in a variety of finishes.

Shower Heads We Love

A great choice is the Kohler Purist 1.75 gpm shower head. It uses less water than other shower heads but also has multiple spray patterns to choose from, including wide, medium, and concentrated.

There are also several great choices in the Kohler Moxie line of shower heads, including angled and rain head. But the real reason we love this modern shower head is because it can hold a wireless speaker. Several speaker color options are available, and the magnetic speaker can be removed from the shower for use in other places or to recharge it.

Of course, if you’re doing a larger shower remodel, you can add features such as wall jets, steam, overhead rain shower heads and hand-held shower heads to create the perfect, personalized shower. In the meantime, a small, affordable upgrade to a modern shower head will make a world of difference in your daily routine.

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