Kitchen remodeling: where to splurge, where to save

Kitchen_Remodel_S564076339Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home for a future resale or just want your kitchen to better match your personal style, there are places to splurge with your kitchen renovation and areas where you should save.

Buy appliances that are energy efficient and fit your lifestyle. For example, if you have a growing family and piles of dirty dishes, invest in a quality dishwasher. Refrigerators typically need to be replaced every 15 years, but your stove will last longer, so spend a little more on the cooktop. Stainless steel is the most desired appliance style, so that’s your best bet if you’re flipping a home or looking to sell in the future.

Keep in mind that buying appliances before looking at cabinets or countertops could limit the design of the kitchen, so don’t rush into buying without looking at each element.


Many homeowners choose a color scheme or complete kitchen design around the countertop material and color. Granite is a popular choice in kitchens because of its
durability and glossy, sleek finish. When choosing a piece of granite for your kitchen, there are ways to stick to a budget. Granite is sold based on grades, with five being the best. Opt for a grade two or three if you want the beautiful stone without the ultra-high price.


Soft-close cabinets and draws are a must for homebuyers. Cabinets that extend to the ceiling give the kitchen a more elegant feel and drawers in base cabinets offer easier access. Absolutely splurge on installation. Let the pros handle hanging the cabinets.

Save on the cabinet material. Today’s finishes offer a rich look and most people can’t tell the difference between a veneer cabinet and one that’s solid wood. Make sure, however, the cabinet sides and shelving are made from plywood for longer lasting cabinets.


Handles, pulls and knobs are your kitchens accessories. Hardware gives the kitchen a whole new look without blowing your remodel budget. For an easy transformation, trade out the same types of hardware (knobs for knobs, handles for handles) and change the color. Today’s on-trend kitchen hardware color is rubbed bronze.


Save your budget and go with porcelain flooring that resembles natural stone. You’ll still get the beauty of an updated kitchen, but porcelain is more durable and resists cracking and chipping. Flooring should be large tiles that call for fewer cuts and grout lines during installation.

With a little planning and exploring of alternative materials, you can easily stay within your kitchen renovation budget.

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