Top Ways to Save Water

tap-closeup-dripping-waterdop-water-leaking-photo1-S166082693In our homes, there are many small ways in which we can conserve water.

These little changes can add up to big water savings. It’s not only good for our planet but for our wallets and utility bills.

The number one time to turn off the water in the sink is while you brush your teeth. Wet your toothbrush, then turn the water off. Those few minutes of water saving will add up over days, weeks, months and years!

Fix leaks

Check around your house for leaks in sinks, pipes and toilets. If ignored, every little drip adds up to gallons wasted water over time. Learn to fix the leaks yourself or call a plumber.

Shower with less

This tip takes a little bit of self-discipline, but try to shorten the amount of time you shower. Every minute less spent running the shower can save several gallons of water. Additionally, you can switch to an efficient (low flow) shower head that uses less water.

Fill the sink to shave

Instead of running the water to clean your razor, fill your bathroom sink once. A full sink will use around 1 gallon of water compared to running the sink which can use a couple gallons per minute.

Add low-flow aerators to your sinks

The aerators on your sinks are relatively easy to change. With low-flow aerators, you’ll be using fewer gallons of water every time you turn on the sink.

Replace your toilets

Change your toilets to dual flush toilets. These toilets give you the option to flush with less water.

Be efficient with your appliances

When you need to purchase new appliances, look for water-efficient appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Additionally, try not to run your appliances, especially the dishwasher, unless they are full.

Hand wash dishes in two sinks

If you wash dishes by hand and have two sinks, fill one sink with washing water and one with rinsing water. This way, you are not running the faucet the entire time you are cleaning the dishes.

Re-use your pet’s water

Instead of dumping your pet’s water down the drain every time you replace it with fresh water, use the old water for houseplants.

Conserve water outside as well

There are many ways you can conserve water outside your house. In your garden, use mulch to retain moisture. Water your lawn in the morning or evening to minimize evaporation. You can even collect rainwater in a rain barrel to use for gardening.

Water conservation is easy to start at home. If you have children, they’ll learn to save water from the changes that you make and the example that you set. If we all work to save water, we can help conserve this precious resource for all the future generations to come.

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