Why Install an Aqua-Pure Filtration System?

America is home to some of the purest municipal water supplies on the planet – but even in the cleanest of pipes, contaminants are present.

Whether you’re considering filtration for drinking water or a whole-house decontamination system, this post will shed light on the types of pollutants entering your home and the benefits of toxin removal.

World of Hazards

Many homeowners are shocked to learn how many water contaminants aren’t tracked or measured to determine drinking water safety. Only a handful of the following poisons are officially regulated:

  • Microbial pathogens: Bacteria, viruses and parasites capable of inflicting illness or disease. Perhaps the most hazardous of all water contaminants.
  • Organic pollutants: Byproducts produced via chlorine treatment, herbicides, pesticides, degreasers and other chemical solutions.
  • Toxic metals: Lead, mercury, arsenic, barium and chromium, among others.
  • Radioactive particles caused by the breakdown of uranium.

In addition to health dangers associated with the contaminants above, scale and lime buildup in hard water can cause damage to pipes and appliances.

Sourcing Contaminants

Pollutants enter our water supply in a number of ways. Acid rain caused by industrial waste empties into surface water. Storm water runoff drains from dirty streets and rooftops directly into rivers, lakes and streams.

Pesticides, man-made chemicals, leachate from landfills, household cleaners, agricultural products and more—despite our best efforts, these toxins are finding a way into our reservoirs.

Protecting Your Home & Family with 3M

Aqua-Pure by 3M is one of the most technologically advanced water filtration systems on the market. The company has more than four decades of experience in residential water purification. A broad selection of 3M systems are certified by NSF International, the governing body for third-party water filter standards.

Aqua-Pure is available in under-the-sink kitchen models and larger systems designed for whole house filtration. While most homeowners are primarily concerned with filtering drinking water, there are several advantages to upgrading to a whole house system.

Investing in Whole House Filtration

Not all toxins are ingested via the mouth and stomach. Certain contaminants can be absorbed directly through the skin during your shower or bath. Only a whole house water filtration system will provide truly clean water from every source in the home. Not to mention, bathing with purified water leads to healthier skin and hair.

Aside from the clear health benefits, filtered water will extend the life of pipes and appliances through the removal of scale. Softened water will not stain shower walls with lime deposits or leave unsightly spots on glasses and kitchenware.

Clothes washed with purified water come out of the dryer softer and brighter, while being less prone to wear and tear.

Speak with your plumbing supply specialist to determine whether a simple carbon based system will suffice for your home, or if you need more specialized filtration for specific contaminates.

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