How to Shop Garbage Disposal Units

A well-functioning garbage disposal is a cook’s best friend, grinding up and whisking away food scraps in a jiffy. While purchasing a disposal unit may not be the most exciting facet of your kitchen renovation, the decision can have long-lasting effects on the functionality of the most important room in your home.

In this guide, we’ll cover vital features to look for in a garbage disposal and help you make the smart choice.

Listen to Tim “The Toolman” Taylor

Tim Allen once played a home improvement guru with a passion for “More Power!” While his experiments often blew up in typical sitcom fashion, you’d be wise to follow The Toolman’s advice and invest in a garbage disposal with extra horsepower.

On the low end, motors generally start out at 1/3hp. We recommend bumping up to 1/2hp at a bare minimum, but bigger is better – 3/4hp or 1hp units perform more reliably over the long haul.

Low-power units struggle to grind bones and other hard waste, so it’s just a matter of time before you’re dealing with a blockage. They wear quickly and need to be replaced more often while high-power units generally come with a lifetime guarantee.

Don’t Wake the Baby

It’s hard to have a conversation or watch your favorite show with harsh grinding sounds emanating from the kitchen.

Larger, heavier garbage disposers carry a steeper price tag but make a lot less noise. Be sure to measure the space under your sink before purchasing an oversized unit.

For additional noise reduction, insist on stainless steel blades and impeller.

Rely on a Trusted Brand

Consolidated Plumbing is proud to carry a broad selection of InSinkErator garbage disposals. Widely known as the industry leader, the company has introduced a host of game changing advancements to their machines.

Traditional garbage disposals had a single grind cycle, but MultiGrind® technology adds more stages to reduce scraps into smaller particles than ever before. InSinkErator’s Evolution Series® employs up to 3 grind stages to pulverize waste into a fine pulp that is easily washed away.

InSinkErator’s more economical Badger Series® features rugged and dependable Dura-Drive® induction motors, free of wearable parts for years of reliable service.

Keep Your Septic System Healthy

If your wastewater empties into a septic tank, take special precautions when installing a garbage disposal. Food waste can kill the microorganisms that break down waste and allow the septic system to work.

Periodically adding natural enzymes to your tank is one solution. A simpler strategy is InSinkErator’s Septic Assist with Bio-Charge. Septic Assist injects septic-friendly microorganisms directly into the grind chamber every time you operate the machine. Dispensers cost less than $20 and clip onto the side of the unit.

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