Replace Kitchen Hardware for an Instant Upgrade

It’s no secret that a full-scale kitchen renovation is a huge fiscal and logistic undertaking. If you’re not in the position to pony up, no worries – creative tricks will let you start piecing together the kitchen of your dreams for less.

Installing boutique quality knobs, handles, pulls and latches for your cabinets is an easy workaround that produces fabulous results. You’ll be amazed at the aesthetic upgrade achieved with a fresh coat of paint and top-grade cabinetry hardware featuring sleek, modern designs.

If you’re not already familiar with Top Knobs, it’s time to get acquainted. In this post, we’ll explore their 6 newest collections and why these designs deserve a home in your kitchen renovation.

Barrington: The Search for Simple Elegance

Smooth, graceful and sleek, the Barrington Collection adds an element of refinement to a kitchen space in need of style.

The collection can be purchased in a set or a la carte with knobs and pulls from other collections.

Serene: Subtle Sophistication

Designed as a fully coordinated package, the Serene Collection pulls design philosophies from traditional luxury and melds them with modern lines.

Serene includes five separate but harmonious product lines: Lydia, Kara, Juliet, Eden & Lily.

Aspen II: Affordably Elegant Hand-Finished Bronze

The Aspen II Collection continues the popular theme presented by the original Aspen line.

A simple idea pulled off with perfection, Aspen II’s designers reworked Old World shapes with contemporary finishes. All 43 products in the collection can be plated with Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel or Brushed Satin Nickel.

Mercer: Exceptionally Contemporary

For a futuristic design that works today, look no further than the Mercer Collection.

The collection is divided into 6 distinct textural series: Oculus, Tango, Glacier, Europa, Holland and Quilted.

Each series takes a different approach to modifying your kitchen ambience. Europa suits enhanced minimalism. Oculus employs smooth eye-catching arches. Glacier embodies bold luxury and powerful performance. The Quilted series creates depth and dimension, a unique and bold trait for kitchen cabinet hardware.

Transcend: Modern & Transitional

Transcend allows your design aesthetic to bridge the gap between new and old. Easy shapes and sizes, expertly plated with a variety of finishes, plug-and-play into nearly any kitchen.

For homes that blend aesthetics from a variety of times, look to Transcend for guidance.

Chareau: Timeless Beauty

Classic designs informed by Tuscan influence, the Chareau Collection is ideal for homeowners who admire Art Deco and similar motifs of the past.

Chareau is an updated throwback from the golden age of style.

Rise to the Top

Founded in 1994, Top Knobs has rapidly grown into America’s top decorative hardware manufacturer. Positioned as the “designer’s choice”, Top Knobs hardware cannot be purchased at big-box DIY stores. All 30 collections are only available through high-end showroom distributors such as Consolidated Plumbing Supply.


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