The Time for an In-Home Steambath

Transforming your plain old bath into a luxurious home spa is slated to be a popular design choice for 2017. As people put in more hours and energy at work, there’s a real need for space to unwind and revitalize at home.

Enter Steamist steambaths.

Today’s residential steam rooms are more advanced than ever. An underappreciated indulgence, the benefits of steam extend well beyond healthy pores.

The Benefits of Steam

Steam has played a vital role in relaxation for millennia. From Turkey and China to the Roman Empire and Mayan Civilization, cultures have long utilized steam bathing for personal regeneration and an array of benefits.

  • Relax: Alleviate sore muscles and reduce tension.
  • Sleep Soundly: Fall asleep faster and enjoy more hours of restful REM sleep.
  • Improve Flexibility: Loosen muscles, tendons & ligaments for greater dexterity and range of motion.
  • Detox: Remove toxins from your body through sweating. Expel impurities through increased blood flow.
  • Hydrate: Soothe dry skin and reverse signs of aging by keeping skin soft and smooth. Stimulate collagen production and wick nutrients to the surface by opening pores.
  • Relieve: Treat many physical ailments including arthritis, eczema, athlete’s foot, acne, allergies, asthma and circulatory problems.

On top of all that, it just feels good to melt your worries away in a hot cloud of steam.

The Practicality of Steamist

A basic steambath system can be broken down into three components: The steam generator, the control, and the steamhead.

The generator is the heart of the system. Steamist offers two home lines, the SM Series and Total Sense™ collection. SM generators are more economical, while Total Sense™ has additional premium spa features.

Controls allow you to regulate temperature and 4-way steamheads immerse you in a sea of uniformly warm steam.

You may even be able to outfit a Steamist bath to your existing shower enclosure.

The Luxury of Total Sense™

Total Sense™ steam generators provide amazing customization. Regulation technologies SteadySteam™ and InstaMist™ facilitate faster production and precise temperature control. The company’s mobile application, mySteamist™, allows system adjustments via your mobile device and home WiFi network.

But the most alluring reason for upgrading to Total Sense™? Access to 4 groundbreaking sensory spa options.

    • AromaSense: Add a variety of fragrant essential oils to your steam bath for relaxation and respiratory relief.
    • ChromaSense: Set the tone with advanced colored lighting and enjoy the proven benefits of chromatherapy.
    • AudioSense: Connect a Bluetooth device and play your favorite music directly through the system.

ShowerSense: Integrate a refreshing temperature controlled shower into your steam experience. Component options include rain water, body spray, waterfall or hand shower.

The Path to Making it Happen

Steamist’s SM and Total Sense™ generators are so compact they can easily fit inside a vanity, closet or insulated attic.

Speak with your renovation contractor or a sales rep at Consolidated Plumbing’s showroom to learn more about including a Steamist steambath in your bathroom makeover.

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