The Beauty of Stone Forest

stone forest
A well-rounded plumbing supply showroom features not only cutting edge technologies from the industry’s biggest players, but also unique products crafted by talented artisans at a smaller scale. The inimitable, passionate styles of boutique vendors can quickly transform your space.

Lovers of the outdoors and natural building products would be wise to consider Stone Forest when shopping kitchen and bath materials.

Stone Forest’s founder and owner, Michael Zimber, cites his intimate relationship with stone and water as the inspiration for the company’s design vision. A passion for bringing nature’s grace into the home led him to leave his career as a rock-climbing/river-rafting guide to venture into the world of kitchen and bath supply.

Classic Copper

It’s no secret that owning a copper sink requires a brisker eye for upkeep than any other metal on the market. However, the allure of copper is simply unsurpassed and a proper patina creates patterns unique to your home.

Striking with a pleasantly textured finish, copper pushes your sink to the forefront of the room. Nostalgic yet modern, Stone Forest’s metallic sinks are functional works of art.

Rock’s Edge

The manufacturer’s line of basalt, granite and marble basins are based off traditional forms and are make an ageless impression.

From gorgeously textured farmhouse carves to 19th Century European inspired fresco stone, the company’s high craftsmanship will stun anyone who’d underestimate their potential.

Wise Wood

Counterintuitive to initial consideration, wood sinks are not only possible but quite incredible.

Run your fingers along the surface of a Salus Potting Sink and you’ll fall head over heels. Pine provides a rustic, lived-in look that will fit perfectly in any woodland home.

Rethought Vanities

All-stone vanities or stone/metal vanities are a ideal for full gut and redo renovations.

Engineered to fit smaller lavatories, Stone Forest’s pedestal sinks and vanities make it easy to pack a swift punch of design prowess in even the tightest spaces.

Fresh Freestanding Tubs

Stone Forest’s granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and travertine tubs will change the way you think about freestanding baths.

Smooth, contemporary, rustic or futuristic, the level of creativity that has gone into the company’s tub designs is simply outstanding.

Go to the Garden

Homeowners who just can’t get enough stone in the kitchen and bath alone will want to browse the company’s selection of fountains and garden furnishings. Stone Forest makes it easy to make an impression with your home, inside and out.

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