The Home Entertainer’s Ideal Kitchen

Are you a homeowner who loves to say “The party’s at my place!”? Would you rather stay in and have friends over than go out on the town? Do you dream of a kitchen that’s built for entertaining?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the post for you.

Piecing together a kitchen optimized for hosting isn’t difficult, but it does require a specific mindset. Let’s look at how the unique design process when planning a kitchen fit for a get-together.

See Past the Walls

Knocking out a wall is generally considered a luxury or last-resort when planning a full-scale renovation, but there’s no way around a genuine need for room to move.

A multi-functional kitchen where guests can mingle and socialize and the chef can finish cooking the meal requires a lot of space. If you don’t have the square feet, you’ll need to make them.

Open Up the Space

An open-plan layout incorporates the workstation and family room into a single living space. A large island will serve as the focal point of this ‘extended’ room and seamlessly meld the areas together.

Including an island provides a bevy of benefits. Guests can interact with the host without impeding on the cook’s mise-en-place. Additional cabinetry space allows for luxurious add-ons such as a warming drawer, icemaker, wine cooler or even second dishwasher to accommodate extra plates.

Doubling down on the potential need for expansion, if your home’s not currently set up for an open-plan layout, contemplate saying farewell to a wall or two to make it happen.

Reconsider Cooktop Placement

Conventionally, the #1 advantage of a kitchen island is added real estate for food prep – but when entertaining, you may want the extra space to play a different role.

Consider installing your oven in the island and filling the former location with additional countertop.

By the time guests arrive, most of your prep is already complete. Place the cooktop directly in front of the dining surface for easy conversation and a fun “chef’s table” experience for your visitors.

Pro Tip: If you move your oven, don’t forego an intelligent work triangle. Adjust sink and refrigerator locations accordingly.

Modernize Design Aesthetics

A more contemporary kitchen theme is more likely to dazzle guests than traditional or old-fashioned motifs. That’s not to say a homey feel won’t be an inviting atmosphere for your visitors, but modern spaces tend to reflect a more festive environment.

Consider breaking a formerly iron-clad design faux pas: hang a flat screen television to incorporate sporting events, awards shows or other important happenings into the party.

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