Introducing Kohler’s Neoroc Sinks

As kitchen design evolves, homeowners are looking beyond the classic stainless steel sink for inspiration. One material making significant headway in the market is composite granite.

Durable, versatile and available in a selection of colors, composite granite sinks feature a long list of pros without any major cons. It’s truly a fabulous option if you’re on the fence regarding sink material.

Extraordinarily Durable

Manufactured with finely ground stone and a binding acrylic resin, composite granite production uses a special chemical procedure. The material produced is exceptionally scratch- and chip-resistant for years of hassle-free use.

Stainless steel must be stretched and can contain weak corners. Composite sinks come off the mold with a uniform thickness and guaranteed strength.

Quiet & Hygienic

Composite granite sinks are quieter compared to stainless steel when you’re handling dishes, pots and pans.

Boasting a nearly impermeable surface, they are easy to keep bacteria-free.

Colorful & Affordable

Compared to a natural granite sink, composites are noticeably less expensive.

Additional benefits include a broader range of colors, more uniform tone and the fact that composite sinks do not need to be sealed.

Kohler Ups the Ante

New to the composite granite market, Kohler recently unveiled their industry-shifting Neoroc line.

Side by side with similarly priced competitors, Kohler’s Neoroc is smoother with a pleasant, silky feel. Color tones are deeper and the rich matte finish is specifically engineered to complement countertops.

Neoroc’s surface is heat-resistant up to 750° F, a full 200+ degrees higher than any other brand. Heat resistance is imperative as to avoid melting the resin.

Easy to Clean

Non-porous and stain-resistant, maintaining your Neoroc sink is as simple as wiping it clean with soapy water after every use.

A periodic application of mineral oil will help your sink maintain out-of-the-box luster for years to come.

Note that steel wool and strong abrasive cleaners can dull the surface of composite granite sinks. Use only mild abrasives when dealing with stubborn messes.

Getting to Know the Cairn Line

Cairn is one of the most popular designs using Neoroc composite granite. Intended for undermount installation, Cairn sinks create a seamless transition with your countertop.

Single bowl, double-equal and large/medium double-bowl options are available. Each design comes with a sink rack for dishwashing convenience and additional protection from scratches.

Cairn’s transitional style feels right at home in both traditional and modern kitchen themes.

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