4 Reasons to Consider Quartz Countertops

It used to be true that an extravagant kitchen makeover necessitated a natural stone finish, but no more. Today’s composite countertops are more luxurious than ever, and quartz can hold its own in even the most affluent of homes. Here are six reasons to consider quartz for your kitchen renovation.

A broader color palette

Quarried stone is limited to the color range found in nature. Quartz can be engineered to provide a much wider variety of tints and hues to match other colors in the room. It lets you work paint and tile colors around your countertops instead of the other way around.

Deep finish and unique patterns

Composite quartz creates a deeper, more luxurious finish than other manufactured countertop materials. Engineered stone can also be prepared with distinct patterns not found in nature.

Improved durability

Quartz is as rugged as granite or concrete while offering more resistance to cracks and chips, and its non-porous finish provides greater protection against staining. And since viruses and bacteria can’t penetrate the surface, quartz is incredibly easy to keep sanitary and clean.

Modern appearance

Quartz has a more contemporary look than other countertop materials, making it ideal for modern home and kitchen designs.

A cut above the rest

DuPont’s Zodiaq® is our top pick when it comes to quartz countertops. Utilizing pure quartz crystals, DuPont creates gorgeous composites with diamond-like sheen and visually striking form.

Zodiaq®’s high-performance finish is scratch- and heat-resistant, ultra-hard and extremely durable while showcasing designer quality aesthetics.

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