Make room for two by supersizing your shower

double showerSpacious walk-in shower enclosures have been a popular bathroom upgrade now for quite some time. Why not take your luxury shower experience to a whole new level by adding space for two and installing a second shower head for fabulous “his and hers” extravagance?

Let’s take a look at how a supersized shower will transform your bathroom experience and then identify a few pointers to help you create the shower of your dreams.

Benefit numero uno is painfully obvious

The pressures of family life combined with a busy lifestyle make it challenging for couples to find, well, umm, “private time.” Having access to a lockable room where shedding your clothes is the norm can prove to be advantageous for your relationship.

But even when your dual-shower is being utilized for personal grooming alone, it’s quite convenient for both you and your partner to get ready for work simultaneously. Take those extra ten minutes you save and hit that snooze button one more time!

Give your bathroom a top-of-the-line feel

Expensive boutique hotels often feature large walk-in showers. Part of the appeal of open showers for property owners is recreating this high-end feel at home.

Walk-ins come both in glassed-in and no barrier designs. The advantage of going with an enclosure is that glass can be semi-transparent or etched for more privacy. No barrier arrangements offer the benefits of increased bathroom space and a shower area that is much easier to keep clean. With no metal or glass parts and fewer corners where dirt and grime can gather, your shower stays looking new with hardly any effort at all.

Open or closed, double-sized showers simply scream opulence.

Tap into a whole new world of shower goodies

Aside from dual shower heads, you might want to consider other extras to enhance your comfort and enjoyment. Top manufacturers like Delta offer a wide range of new and exciting fixture types to upgrade your extra large shower into an all-in-one massage center:

  • Hand shower: Hand shower units include a separate removable wand to give you full control over your shower experience. Heads can be adjusted for multiple spray types to suit your personal taste or mood.
  • Body sprays: Installed on the wall around shoulder height, body sprays provide a horizontal massage and full soak.
  • Body jets: Jet modules are similar to body sprays but instead emit a strong, thin stream for a stronger and deeper massage effect.

We believe showers should be as much about relaxation as hygiene. It’s effortless to relax when being softly strummed with a wall of water.

The ultimate romantic gesture

If you’re looking for an unmatched birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s gift that continues to provide pleasure for years to come, a lavish shower upgrade might be just the ticket.

After all, the average American spends 65 hours showering every single year (that’s nearly 3 full days)! Why not make better use of this time with a lush relaxing soak down that will be the envy of the neighborhood?

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