Congrats! EPA names Delta Faucet WaterSense Partner of the Year

watersenseAmerican homeowners are keeping a watchful eye on the future of our water supply these days. With populations growing and aquifer levels dwindling, the issue of water conservation has become more important than ever.

It’s not just related to saving money, either. It’s about protecting the quality of life we enjoy for our children.

Thankfully, a lot of big companies care about protecting our natural resources too.

Ever since the US Environmental Protection Agency implemented the WaterSense program, Delta Faucet has been at the forefront of developing innovative water saving technologies.

For the 2nd year straight Delta has been recognized as the WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year. Consolidated Plumbing would like to take the time to say congratulations and thank Delta for its ongoing commitment to water efficiency.

What is the WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year Award?

Each year the EPA pinpoints partners that go above and beyond to advance the overall mission of the WaterSense program.

Awards are given to those who display excellence in the water efficiency arena and build awareness of the WaterSense brand. Delta is passionate about increasing consumer knowledge concerning the program, but they also work with designers, contractors, builders, and the media to spread the word across varied audiences.

Delta’s unique product innovations

Staying on top of the game isn’t easy. Here are a few of the specific advancements that have pushed Delta to be experts in the industry:

●      100% Compliance with Toilets & Lavatory Sink Fixtures: Every single toilet and bathroom tap put to market carries the WaterSense label.

●      H2Okinetic® Technology: Provides homeowners with a warmer, more drenching shower while using up to 40% less water. The system works by controlling the movement, speed and droplet size of the water.

●      Touch2O® Kitchen Faucets: Touch2O® technology turns off your kitchen faucet automatically when not in use. The real beauty of the design is that users are able to save water while actually improving their product experience.

●      Delta Multi-Flow™: Multi-Flow™ kitchen faucets feature flow rates of just 1.5 gpm, 32% less than the industry standard. To make such a low flow work, a special toggle switch allows you to temporarily convert to a faster flow for quickly filling large pots.

Additional conservation affiliations

Delta’s work with the WaterSense program is just the beginning. The company is also an active member with the Alliance for Water Efficiency, US Green Building Council and Plumbing Manufacturers International.

They also work closely with the hospitality industry to ensure hotels and restaurants purchase fixtures meeting the same WaterSense standards we strive to reach in our homes.

Water conservation is easy with Delta faucets

When looking to upgrade your bathroom or replace an outdated fixture, consider Delta WaterSense labeled showerheads, faucets or toilets to save money while enjoying max performance with top efficiency.

The more we support companies that work to make our world a better place, the sooner this goal will become a reality.

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