Go with gray for a versatile bathroom

gray bathroomOver the years the word gray has become synonymous with “boring,” but just the right shade of this neutral color can create an incredibly adaptable palette for styling a warm, contemporary space.

Gray provides the base for a number of popular bathroom looks. In this post we’ll talk about three of our favorites: sleek & modern, updated country and high-end spa. We’ll look at which tones work best for each bathroom motif and what accompaniments you’ll need to pull off the look.

(For reference: color names come from BenjaminMoore.com)

It’s a traditional bathroom, only better

A sleek & modern look with clean lines and an uplifting feel is best created with a lighter hue such as stone white or mineral ice. Darker mosaic wall tiles can be used for accents and a grayscale marble countertop with square sink/quadratic tap can further the futuristic design.

Instead of contrasting with bright colors, try adding splashes of pure white for effect. White window frames, blinds and porcelain accessories all work well, as does shiny chrome.

For lighting, go with track or small inset fixtures on the ceiling and stylish but simple wall sconces to the left and right of your sink.

Showcase your country charm

Own an older home and want to shift your bathroom style to the present day without sacrificing that “old-time” feel? Here’s how to do it.

Nickel or pigeon gray are perfect choices when painting over old-fashioned mirror frames and worn but durable cabinetry. Contrast these darker shades with silvery walls—both metallic silver (in matte) or silver lining will do the trick.

With all the money you save by repainting instead of replacing, upgrade your faucet to a new Delta Cassidy two-handle tap with polished nickel finish. Cassidy brings a wealth of class to an antique look.

Bold walls for your in-home spa

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb with a darker wall color like ebony slate when trying to emulate the ambience of a high-end spa.

Brightly colored scented candles in reds, peaches and pinks clash well with this more extreme paint color and large fluffy white towels will appear even poofier when set against the black backdrop.

Install plenty of large mirrors and track lighting and if it fits into your floor plan consider Kohler’s Tercet® alcove clover-shaped whirlpool with apron. The Tercet® is built for two, for doubling-down on spa elegance.

If tub life isn’t for you, go with a large walk-in tiled shower, complete with rainwater shower head and plenty of bodysprays. Long, thin vertical glass tiles in very light shades make the ideal covering for your wet walls.

Go all-in or use a system of contrasts

The beauty of grayscale is that it looks great all on its own but can be easily transitioned into a more colorful design with the use of bright, bold accessories.

Gray is guaranteed to stand the test of time. When creating a new look is as simple as hanging a colorful painting or going wild with new towels, what have you got to lose?


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