Kitchen Concepts to Consider for your Home

kitchen-conceptsHere are some kitchen concepts to consider if you want to update to today’s modern look.

Opening up the kitchen

The kitchen is transforming from a utilitarian work zone into a major hub in the home.

We’re spending a lot more time in the kitchen these days and this isn’t a trend that’s about to change. The kitchen has morphed into a proper living space and so it should be treated as such.

The traditional “closed-in” look of continuous counters and cabinets is giving way to a more open style. Under-utilized hallway closets are being converted into pantries to reduce the need for storage in the kitchen.

Many families are knocking down the separating walls between their kitchen and dining room and moving their meals to the kitchen.

Let the sun shine in

If you live in an older home there’s a good chance that the only natural light coming into your kitchen is via a single window behind the sink.

Adding additional windows or a skylight will create more avenues for sunshine and make the kitchen a more pleasant place to hang out. If knocking holes into your walls or ceiling isn’t an option, consider a revamp of your lighting fixtures.

No more hard to reach shelves

Dishes are being stored in under-counter dish drawers. Dish drawers are so convenient that everything’s going into a drawer these days. From the dishwasher to the microwave, custom drawers give the kitchen a clutter-free feel.

Take the concept one step further with sleek built-ins like high-end coffeemakers, ice machines or a wine cooler. Anything that’s bound to make your kitchen more convenient.

Upgrade to a high tech faucet

If you’ve never used a touch activated kitchen faucet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

When your hands are covered in chocolate brownie mix, the last thing you want to do is mess up your faucet handle. With a touch activated faucet it’s as easy as tapping anywhere on the fixture with the side of your wrist.

In fact, Kohler’s even taken the idea one step further with a 100% touch-free faucet. The Sensate™ works with a special state-of-the-art sensor that starts the flow of water with just the wave of your hand.

Rip out your traditional top-mount sink and upgrade to a contemporary under-mount model. An under-mount sink makes clean up a breeze as you can easily wipe food off the counter and into the bowl without getting crumbs stuck on the rim of the sink.

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