10 feng shui tips for your bathroom

article_vessels_standing_255x192Feng shui is about controlling the flow of energy through your home. It’s about encouraging positive energy to stick around whilst quickly shooing out the negative.

Whether you believe in the power of yin and yang or not, following the principles of feng shui is a great way to create a bathroom with a tranquil and relaxing ambience. Even if you only pick the ideas that seem relevant to you.

Here are 10 feng shui tips for your bathroom.

1. Choose your bathroom color carefully

Greens symbolize nature, growth and fresh starts. Blues symbolize water and the feeling of cleansing. White suggests purity. Reds introduce the element of fire.

2. Reflect positive energy back into the house

Add a small mirror to the outside of your bathroom door to discourage energy from flowing into the bathroom and being flushed away.

3. Keep the air in your bathroom fresh

Open windows to encourage a fresh breeze or treat the air with incense or potpourri. In bathrooms with poor ventilation purchase a small fan to get the air moving.

4. Don’t be a clutter-bug

To encourage positive energy flow make sure the room is always organized and all counters are chaos free. Install sufficient storage so you don’t have a mess of lotions and potions all over your sink top.

5. Keep your bathroom and bedroom separated

Place a screen between the bathroom and your bedroom. This is particularly important if your bed faces the bathroom door and even more important if your toilet points in the direction of your bed. If you don’t have space for a divider make sure you keep the bathroom door closed.

6. When not in use keep the toilet seat down

In feng shui all drains are seen as an escape for energy.

7. Discard used bottles

Don’t keep items that are gathering dust as this drains away energy. For the same reason be quick to repair or replace any dripping, leaking, badly maintained or worn fixtures.

8. Let there be light

Install good quality lighting and try to maximize natural light in the room during the day. Gentle lighting encourages good energy flow.

9. Add a crystal

Place a multi-faceted crystal in the room for energy. You can also use a combination of different crystals or even a basket of river rock to encourage good energy. Even if you’re not a “believer”, crystals can give your bathroom a unique feel.

10. The more nature the better

Use plants in your bathroom. Make sure your bathroom plants are well looked after and not overwatered or dry. An ailing plant will drain away energy.

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