Apron-Front Kitchen Sinks: Reviving a Classic

whitehaven_newprod_hero_v1Not all design concepts need to step firmly outside of the box. Sometimes the next big thing is a new version of a classic style from the past.

The design team at Kohler is known for finding beauty in iconic styles and making just the right modifications to create lines that jive perfectly with today’s looks. Without question they’ve hit the nail on the head with their current line of apron-front kitchen sinks. Let’s take a look at why this old-fashioned sink is making waves in 2014.

Ergonomics, my dear Watson

Traditional drop-in or under-mount sinks require a minimum of an inch of space between the front of the bowl and the edge of the countertop. Apron-front sinks, on the other hand, are installed slightly forward of the counter to allow you to get closer and work without straining your back.

The classic deep bowl design also makes it easier to wash oversized pots and pans. Whether you go with single bowl or double bowl with Smart Divide®, you’ll have plenty of space to accommodate bulky cookware.

Whitehaven® apron-front sinks are a breeze to keep clean and new-looking with an enameled cast-iron construction that is guaranteed not to chip, crack or burn. Not only are these sinks gorgeous, they’re durable.

With updated shapes, vibrant new colors and attractive designs, apron-front sinks create a bold presence that makes them the star of your kitchen.

The option of a modern twist

If want something with a modern vibe, take a look at Kohler’s Vault™ stainless steel line.

Vault™ sinks are classic, yet contemporary. They come in both top-mount (as pictured) and under-mount versions with both single and double-bowl options.

Easy-to-install Self-Trimming® design

Installing an apron-front sink can quickly change the feel of your kitchen. Kohler’s innovative Self-Trimming® system allows you to make this change without the hefty expense of replacing your cabinetry. Simply replace your sink and countertop and your kitchen will enjoy a fresh new look in less than a day.

Bringing you back to a simpler time

If the fast pace of modern life has you yearning for the “good ole days” then perhaps an apron-front sink is right for you. Imagine what your new kitchen could look like with an infusion of this revamped classic.

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