5 Easy Steps: Finding the Perfect Cast Iron Bathtub

You’ve decided that the durability of a cast iron bathtub is right for you. Now how do you go about whittling down a sea of options to find the ideal tub for your renovation?

Follow this simple 5-step guide and you’ll be washing away your worries in no time.

1. Measure Your Expectations

Unless you’re shopping for a new build or have a carte blanche budget, you’ll need to know the dimensions of your current space before heading out to showrooms to browse the wares.

Bust out your trusty tape measure and jot down the exact length, width and depth of the space available for your new tub.

Do you plan on alcove style, undermounted, drop-in or free-standing? Do you need to calculate room for a tiled ledge around the tub? Take precise measurements and consider all aspects of the installation.

2. Contemplate the ‘Who’ and ‘How’ of Usage

Are you the type to light candles and soak until the wicks end? Or is your bathtime a no-nonsense exercise in efficiency?

How you plan to use your tub plays an important role in the shopping process. The more often you plan to fill ‘er up and sip a glass of red, the more you ought to be willing to invest in the experience.

Think about which members of your household are most likely to take long baths. There’s no reason to install an extra-long tub if tall family members prefer the shower!

3. Ponder Special Considerations

From drain location to water supply and even the swing of your bathroom door, there are a plethora of special considerations that can influence your choice of tub.

Here are 3 common pitfalls to avoid:

  • Not enough hot water capacity. Upgrading to an extra-large soaking tub could backfire if your water heater can’t pump out enough steamy gallons to fill the tub to 2/3.
  • Not enough space for equipment. Whirlpools and jetted tubs require pumps, switches and timers for installation. Be sure to include this additional gear in your measurements.
  • Not enough strength in the floor. Cast iron tubs are heavy, so talk to your contractor about weight limitations if your remodel is not on the ground floor.

4. Test Out the Tubs

Just like purchasing a new mattress, the only way to know for certain that a tub will provide the comfy soak of your dreams is to climb in.

Don’t be shy. Take off your shoes and get on in, right there in the showroom!

If you’re having trouble finding a tub that feels just right, consider the following:

  • Try tubs with backrests of differing heights, shapes and slopes.
  • Do you need molded armrests or a factory-installed grab bar?
  • Can you extend your legs while in a relaxed, reclined position?

Remember, loving the aesthetics is important but finding a shape that helps you relax is paramount.

5. Choose a Brand You Can Trust

Cast iron tubs aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they are a decades long investment in your home. This is not the time to pinch pennies, and there is no substitute for quality craftsmanship.

Opting for a premier boutique brand such as Cheviot out of British Columbia guarantees your tub will perform for years to come. Each Cheviot tub is meticulously crafted for timeless luxury and longevity, and they are available at Consolidated Plumbing Supply.

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