International inspiration for your kitchen design

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Dust off your passports and get ready for a host of unique kitchen design themes from overseas. With these international concepts, you’ll feel like a world renowned chef every time you batter up a Schnitzel or simmer down a pot of savory curry.

Warm, classic, traditional: Tuscan country style

Nothing says “old world chic” quite like Tuscany or the French countryside. Take a cue from our friends in Europe and make your kitchen a place to relax and slow down.

This look begins with terracotta flooring, dramatic lighting, neutral marble countertops and warm wood cabinetry. Choose a color palette that includes reds, barley cream, gold ochre and sage green, then accentuate with decorative cookware such as hanging copper pots and big, deep terracotta fruit bowls. Hide all modern conveniences (microwave, dishwasher, mixer) out of sight with custom cabinets.

Ideally the Tuscan kitchen opens out with an open-floor plan to your living area but if not, integrate a comfy island with padded stools for social gatherings during food prep.

For added luxury, invest in a stunning built-in cappuccino maker.

Eye catching & modular: high-end Indian kitchen

A new trend catching on in India is a storage-based scheme that dates back to the 1970s, and it’s perfect for busy professionals who don’t always have time to spend hours in the kitchen creating a five-course feast.

With a huge pantry and tons of storage to stow away all your kitchen gadgetry, this style is super easy to clean and maintain.

To get this look away from ‘70s drab (i.e. the Brady Bunch color scheme), employ incredibly bold color splashes to ensure your walls burst with flavor.

Sleek & contemporary: German efficiency

Homeowners with a soft spot for modern gadgets, functional innovations and state-of-the-art kitchen equipment will love the German kitchen.

German kitchens are where practicality meets quality with more than a touch of vroom. Sleek, clean lines, timeless color palettes, high quality cookware and top of the range smart appliances create the cornerstone of the look with a modern touch-free faucet as the centerpiece.

To go full Deutschland, think “stainless steel everything.” And because is Germany, appliances should match, not clash.

Introduce a few tiny potted herbs in front of the window to add a decidedly eco feel, and be sure to install bright, functional lighting to illuminate the whole space.

Charming & cozy: English cottage kitchen

You too can recreate the coziness of the English countryside even without stone walls and a cobb roof.

Hang open shelving to display traditional crockery and decorate the room with handmade ornamentation. Flooring should be rustic or polished wood and cabinets should be painted (off-white or pastel blue) with antique brass hardware.

Go with a large, single-basin apron front farmhouse white enamel sink with old-fashioned fixtures and tidy away all small kitchen goodies in large wicker baskets.

Install a large window over the sink if possible for plenty of sunlight—or even cut in a skylight.

South of the border: the bold Mexican kitchen

Mi casa es su casa.

Fashion the warm and welcoming ambiance of the Mexican kitchen with talavera tile inlay countertops with a talavera backsplash and exposed shelving.

Colors should be bold. And I mean extra bold. Bright yellows, deep blues, heartfelt reds and cheerful oranges. It’s okay to clash and go vibrant to the extreme.

Repeat colors whenever possible with different textures such as Spanish tile flooring. Furniture and cabinetry should be solid wood and stained with a darker varnish. Don’t forget to display special touches like a wreath of braided garlic and colorful Mexican styled plates.

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