Hot countertop trends for the coming year

When you’re piecing together a new kitchen design, finding the right countertop color and material can set the tone for the entire space.

In this post we’ll explore some of this season’s most popular countertop trends to help you get your design right.

Thin is in

Regardless of the material you choose, most designers will tell you that “thinner is better” when thinking about the thickness of your countertop slab.

Bear in mind that not all materials work well with this look, so you’ll need to match the depth of your countertop with the characteristics of the material you choose. For example, concrete countertops will always be thicker than natural stone.

Welcome to the steelworks

While the look can feel too industrial for some, many homeowners are embracing the many advantages of stainless steel countertops.

Exceptionally resistant to bacteria, easy to keep clean and ready to accept piping hot pans, it’s easy to see why steel is the material of choice for any professional kitchen.

The reflective properties of stainless steel help make a smaller kitchen feel bigger than it really is.

Butcher block

Wood countertops, particularly when paired with hardwood floors, are making a big comeback. Warm and earthy, the butcher block style goes well with both modern and traditional kitchens.

Manufactured stone

Engineered quartz countertop technology has improved greatly over the years. Today’s man-made stone is available in a myriad of colors, designs and textures. While engineered quartz has yet to replicate the exact natural look of marble or granite, it’s extremely resistant to stains and spills.

South of the border charm

Homeowners looking to create a rustic yet inviting kitchen are looking to Latin America for inspiration. Ceramic tile countertops are exceedingly vibrant, and it’s easy to put together a “one-of-a-kind” look with intricate pottery accents.

Ceramic tends to chip and grout will stain/discolor over time. This style works best for homeowners who prefer the “lived in” look rather than perfectionists.

Not your grandfather’s laminate

Believe it or not, upscale laminate countertops are an economical option for homeowners on a tighter budget. Today’s top end products can replicate the most luxurious kitchen styles and are extremely easy to care for.

An oldie but goodie

Granite has been the king of countertops for quite some time as it’s virtually impossible to find a more durable natural stone. While granite will certainly set you back a bit more than manufactured alternatives, you can’t go wrong with this timeless classic.

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