What budget? 5 stunning bathroom upgrades for 2016

Planning to write a blank check for your next bathroom renovation? This is the post for you.

From luxurious shower systems to bubbling tubs and futuristic toilets, sometimes the best that money can buy truly does elevate your bathroom experience above and beyond the rest. Check out these five insanely lavish bathroom upgrades for those ready to go “5-star” all the way.

An enviable treat for the master bath

Kohler Consonance® Drop-in Whirlpool with BodyMassage™

Kohler has truly broken the mold with their Consonance® Drop-in Whirlpool with BodyMassage™. Featuring 6 adjustable hydromassage jets, a multi-speed pump for variable massage intensity, 8 effervescent ports, dual sets of 10 back & shoulder backjets, a built-in heater and Chromotherapy lighting, this is the ultimate spa quality tub for the home.

And the best part? There’s room enough for both of you!

Glorious, soothing water from every direction

For those who prefer to enjoy their after work bathroom relaxation standing up, consider an over-sized shower enclosure with revitalizing wall jets and deluxe water sprays. Complete 360 degrees of H2O action with a ceiling installed rainwater shower head and optional hand-held massaging wand.

To take it up a notch, a fully enclosed steam shower can convert your bathroom into a lush tropical getaway any day of the week.

There’s something warm underfoot

To truly call your bathroom luxurious, you need to make stepping out of a hot shower onto cold tile a thing of the past.

Wall to wall natural stone flooring with a radiant-heating underlay is as functional as it is stylish, adding the perfect one-two punch to the room. Durable, non-slip and sumptuously warm on your toes, this combination of a classic building material working in conjunction with modern comforts can’t be beat.

Add fuel to the fire with a premium heated towel rail.

Your toilet just got a whole lot smarter

Who knew a commode could be so extravagant?

The Veil one-piece with integrated bidet raises the bar for toilet indulgence and cutting edge style. With graceful lines and impeccable curves, this is the toilet of the future, today.

Kohler Veil one-piece toilet with integrated bidet

Integrated bidet functionality features both anterior and posterior nozzles with soothing warm aerated water and adjustable air-drying system. The bidet is self-cleaning, engaging both UV and electrolyzed water sanitation systems.

Additional features include LED nightlight, hands-free opening and closing, automatic deodorization, tankless design, low gallons per flush (dual-flush: 0.8gpf & 1.28gpf), heated seat and more.

Now you see you, now you don’t

Feast your eyes on the most indulgent bathroom upgrade for techies. Smart mirror technology now makes it possible to browse your favorite apps, check the weather or even watch TV while you shave, brush your teeth or do your hair.

High-tech 2-way glass make 4k HD resolution possible, and special coatings and heating elements prevent smart mirrors from fogging up or attracting condensation. Touch screen activation means you can even scroll through emails right there in front of the vanity.

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