How to choose a kitchen faucet that matches your personality

modern faucetChoosing the ideal kitchen faucet is a big deal, with thousands of style/finish/functionality combinations on the market.

Picking one is a long term investment that can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Here’s a guide to help you through the process, with suggestions based on your personality.

Easy-going & low-maintenance

You’re the type to leave pots in the sink until you get around to them and you give the kids free rein in the kitchen. You want a nice space but know it won’t be immaculate 24/7 – and it better be easy to keep clean.

Stick with a streamlined faucet. Less ornate means fewer nooks and crannies to clean with a toothpick.

Stay away from vintage styles or any finish that requires special care.

Solid contenders are the Trinsic Collection from Delta, Brizo’s Solna line or Sensate Touchless by Kohler.

Meticulous & fastidious

You’re not ashamed to say you’re picky. In fact, you take pride in it.

Everything in its place – a kitchen ought to be organized.

When everything else in the space is “just perfect” you’ll want to go all-out on pure luxury when it comes to a faucet.

Splash out on a Parq 2-hole deck mounted bridge-style faucet for a true centerpiece to the room or work a sleek contemporary vibe with Evoke.

Artistic & introspective

You’re the square peg who has long since stopped trying to fit into a round hole. You’ve got your own style, and if nobody else gets it you couldn’t care less.

Go funky with virtually any of Kohler’s Artifacts Collection but in particular their wall-mounted pot filler.

It may not always be the most practical, but every visitor to your home will spot this unique beauty.

Another option is sticking with a more traditional faucet but playing around with alternative finishes such as matte black and Venetian bronze. Delta’s Fuse comes in stainless steel and chili pepper!

Old fashioned & mild-tempered

Painted “Home Sweet Home” sign on the door to the pantry? Yeah, that’s you.

There’s something soothing and comforting about the classic farmhouse kitchen. Apron-front sink, open-display spice rack, knitted pot holders and Great Grandma’s china in the cupboards.

Kohler’s Fairfax line of simple and elegant faucets combines timeless antique flair with a touch of modernity to pull yesteryear into tomorrow.

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