6 reasons to remodel your master bedroom to include an en suite bathroom

master bathVirtually all new-build homes these days feature the coveted convenience of a Master Bath, but homes built prior to the mid-90’s often lack what’s now seen as a standard feature.

If you’ve been considering making room for an en suite bathroom, this might just be the post to push you over the edge.

Make it yours

Sharing a bathroom with children requires a special set of considerations. You can forget about that ultra-luxurious bath mat and it’s best you put away those expensive lotions and creams lest one of the kids empties the bottles out when they’re short on shampoo.

Having an en suite allows you to decorate as you wish and not stress over leaving things out that you wouldn’t want company to see.

Sometimes the option to leave the bathroom a cluttered mess is quite the luxury, too!

The ultimate privacy

Face it, there are no candle-lit bubble baths in a shared bathroom.

Whether you’re filling the tub for one (or two), why not rest assured knowing there won’t be a knock on the door while you’re trying to unwind after a long day.

No competition

No more standing in line to get ready for work. Homeowners with teenagers know what we’re talking about.

Not only will you appreciate the additional shower – everyone else in your house will, too.

An added bonus of skipping the queue is that you won’t tick anyone off by indulging in an extra-long piping hot shower.

Upgrade to modern technologies

If your home is old enough to not have a Master Bath, there’s a good chance your sink, toilet and showerhead are outmoded and antiquated.

Renovating to include an en suite provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a bathroom that truly provides a luxury spa-like experience.

Dual sinks. Walk-in shower with rainwater head and body sprays. Eco-friendly WaterSense toilet. Dedicated free-standing tub. All this and more can be yours.

Late night rendezvous

No more finding your bathroom to stroll down the hallway late at night when nature calls. With your brand new en suite you can roll out of bed and straight to the loo, even if you’re wearing your birthday suit!

Increase resale value

Selling a home without a Master Bath in today’s market can be an uphill battle. Adding a Master Bath to the listing makes it more attractive to buyers and increases your overall property value.

Even if you’re not in the market for listing your property today, you’ll be glad you added those extra selling features when you had the chance if you do!

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