Take our test: Does your kitchen match your lifestyle?

Sometimes the kitchen you’ve got just isn’t the kitchen you need. Here’s a handy questionnaire to help you determine whether it’s time for an overhaul or just a few tweaks.

There are no right or wrong answers here. This is simply a guide to focus your discussion and determine whether or not your current kitchen matches your lifestyle.

Does cleaning feel like an insurmountable task?

From countertops and cupboards to sinks, faucets and flooring, diverse materials require different types of care.

If keeping up with cleanliness and upkeep is a never-ending chore, you might be happier with a more simplistic setup featuring low-maintenance materials.

Does the space inspire your inner chef?

When you walk into the kitchen, do you feel like whipping up dinner or ordering pizza? The kitchen of your dreams is fun to cook in, not laborious.

Do you feel like you’ve got room to move?

Modern kitchen design involves plenty of open space and room to breathe. Often times the kitchen in an older home can feel cramped, even when you’re the only cook in the room. If you love to bake but need to borrow the dining room table to roll out dough, it’s time to consider an expansion.

Are guests allowed to see the kitchen?

When visitors come to your home, are they given free rein to explore the kitchen area—or is this part of the house off-limits?

If you answer the latter, it’s unlikely that your kitchen style jives with your personality.

How’s the lighting?

Does your kitchen feel sunny and warm or dark and dreary?

Opening up the space, brightening the color palette and maybe even cutting in a skylight can work wonders to improve the mood of the space.

Does the space feel cluttered?

Is there sufficient storage to house all the gadgets required that piece together your day? If your countertops are so full that it looks like you’re having a garage sale, you might be in the market for a remodel…or at the very least…a garage sale!

How often do you cook?

Are you preparing three meals per day or three meals per week?

How greatly a renovation will improve your quality of life is directly proportionate to the frequency in which you use the space.

Is your kitchen an entertainment zone?

Are more meals eaten at the island than at the dinner table? Does the oven literally represent the center of your home around which everything else revolves?

Some homeowners prefer a secret kitchen hideaway—a quiet place to prepare food away from visitors. Others favor an open-plan room where the island acts as a bridge between chef and party.

The end all be all

Determining whether or not your current kitchen fits your needs is all about figuring out how you use the space and how it makes you feel.

When you’re ready to take the plunge and dig in to design the kitchen of your dreams, stop by the Consolidated Plumbing showroom to browse an endless array of possibilities.

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