10 occasions you’ll wish you had a touch free kitchen faucet

touchless faucet
Delta calls it Touch2O.

Kohler calls it Response Touchless.

Brizo calls it SmartTouchPlus.

But whatever name you give it, the results are equally extraordinary. Think you don’t need a touchless kitchen faucet? Think again. This is a technology worth its weight in gold and Consolidated Plumbing Supply has got a showroom packed with the top fixtures on the market.

Here are 10 occasions you’ll love having a faucet that turns on with the flick of your wrist or the touch of your elbow.

1. Fire up the BBQ

Whether you’re massaging steaks with a spicy rub or your fingers are dripping with olive oil, salt and pepper, preparing meat for the grill is a sticky business.

Any time you’re working with raw meat there’s an increase in the chances for foodborne illness. How great would it be to turn on the hot water without griming up the tap?

2. Gone fishing

Hey. It happens. Something’s fallen into the garbage that doesn’t belong there. Once you’ve dug out that spoon, cell phone or electric bill, you’re going to want to wash your hands. Pronto.

3. Arts and crafts time

Finger paint. Glue. Sparkles. When craft time is finished you’d rather not get googly eyes stuck on the handle of your brand new kitchen faucet.

4. Rolling dough

Biscuits. Cookies. Bread. If it’s made with dough, it’s sticky. Keep the mess where it belongs—flowing down the drain.

5. Touching the untouchables

Whether it’s a diaper changing snafu or a miscommunication between your hand and the litter box, these things happen. A quick rinse before you reach for the soap is a gift from above.

6. A love of finger food

From buffalo hot wings to pizza, tartar sauce lathered fish sticks, greasy fries and more, some of the most delicious finger foods leave our hands messier than a simple napkin can handle.

7. Kitchen explosion

A broken jar of mayonnaise or spaghetti sauce can create a terrible mess and put the kibosh on your happy place. Access to a hands-free faucet helps keep accidents in the kitchen from spreading.

8. Making omelets

Even if you’re good at it, cracking half a dozen eggs leaves a sticky residue on your fingers that you don’t want dripping down the side of your faucet.

9. Working in the garden

Working in the garden is a great way to get your hands dirty. While you could turn on the garden hose and chase it down to the end, wouldn’t it be easier to just pop inside for a quick touch free rinse?

10. You’re just “that” tired

Sometimes at the end of a long day, even a simple action like pulling the handle on your faucet feels like lifting a sack of bricks. You deserve a break, don’t you?

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