Go bold with Kohler’s dark bathroom ideas

Ever heard the phrase “different strokes for different folks”?

Well, the design team at Kohler has taken this idea to a whole new level with the release of their new ultra-bold dark & depraved bathroom concept. Sure, it might not be for everyone—but that’s kind of the whole point.kohler1

Whether you think it’s super chic or super ick, you’ll be sure to admit that the concept is a clever new take on the boring old washroom.

Check it out. The notion might seem a bit off-the-wall at first, but you’ll be surprised to see how it grows on you.

Chrome simply pops when set on black

Skull or not skull, this Edwardian inspired Artifacts™ faucet goes stunningly well with Kohler’s shiny black Vox® Rectangle contemporary vessel-style sink.

The classic yet timeless look of Artifacts™ gives your home an Old World feel while the modern basin brings the design aesthetic together for a truly in vogue appeal.

This look is completed exceptionally well with a black or dark gray textured wallpaper (as pictured) but a semi-gloss paint would also fit the bill. A few chrome, antique looking accessories such as this straight razor work to enhance the ambiance.

Bear in mind that a color shift will bring about additional considerations

The dark & depraved look is only successful when you’re willing to hop on the train and go full steam ahead. While it does give you an excellent excuse to go shopping, it is important to note that in all likelihood you’ll want to purchase new towels, linens and accessories that match with the theme.kohler2

Kohler sells bathroom hardware specifically designed to augment the Artifacts™ style so it’s easier than ever to know that every component you install fits in with the same vision.

Along with chrome, black or even clear glass accessories are ideal for creating your stylish upper-end but dungeon-like look.

Black looks and feels as clean & sanitary as white

Don’t choose this design philosophy if you’re thinking that a dark bathroom will hide the dirt. On the contrary, a black motif provides an exactingly clean feel equal to or greater than pure white. Your bathroom may literally scream midnight but it’ll feel operating room clean when you’re in there.

Along the same lines, do not move forward with the dark & depraved concept lightly. Maintaining this sparklingly fresh look will require routine cleaning.

Contrast is king

The absence of color need not signify the absence of light or a void in brightness. A single accent wall of white is the final element that pulls the dark & depraved bathroom into the 21st century. The contrast of white or very light gray tile is what ultimately makes this aesthetic work.

Consider as well that the addition of large mirrors and bright, Victorian styled lighting will further the effect and turn at least one room of your house into an unbelievably unique and modern space, even if you live in the suburbs.

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