Considering a Delta hand shower? Here’s the down low

shutterstock_128955047Want to make the most relaxing ten minutes of your day even more unwinding? Consider upgrading that boring old traditional shower head and moving on up to a luxurious hand shower by Delta.

With alluring features such as an adjustable spray nozzle and the ability to rinse those “hard to reach” places, a hand shower will transform your mornings from drab to fab in no time at all.

Here are a few of the top arguments for why you need to make the switch!

Convert your bathroom into your own private spa

Even the most basic hand shower models provide you with a massive upgrade in comfort and flexibility over traditional shower heads. As you invest more into a fixture like one of Delta’s top-of-the-line hand showers, the returns range from fabulous to fantastically indulgent.

Modern hand showers feature various massage settings which allow you to direct your own personal therapy session whenever the need for one strikes your fancy.

Tough day at work? A relaxing scalp massage will whisk the stress and worries away.

Stiff muscles from an extra rigorous workout? Pound them loose with a sturdy combination of vibrating pulses of high pressure water.

Keep your shower area sparkly clean

Hand showers aren’t only great for keeping your body clean. They also double as the world’s perfect shower cleaning shortcut!

Think about it. Soap scum is your arch nemesis when it comes to scrubbing down all the tiles, fiberglass, vinyl, metal and glass that surround your shower zone. And where does it accumulate the most? In all the areas your shower head won’t reach!

By rinsing your entire shower area each and every time you finish, soap scum won’t stand a chance. You’ll enjoy a shiny clean shower enclosure without ever touching a sponge.

Make your life easier with your own personal kid-cleaning station

Bathing young children or pets is infinitely easier and a whole lot less messy when you’ve got the flexibility and control of directing water flow in the palm of your hand.

And while it may not be the most pleasant thought to consider – the same concept holds true for those caring for elderly parents.

Conserve water and energy

Many of Delta’s models offer low-flow systems engineered to provide a top shower experience with the least amount of waste. These units employ special aerators to add air to the water spray for increased pressure while using less water.

Look for the WaterSense label or select one rated at two gallons per minute or less. You could literally save thousands of gallons of water per year and cut back on electricity or natural gas consumption as well.

With so many choices, why should you choose Delta?

We carry faucets and fixtures from dozens of quality manufacturers in our showroom, but for the perfect blend of affordability and quality it’s hard to look past Delta.

Delta punishes their products during testing and stands by their goods with a fully comprehensive warranty. We’re always happy to recommend Delta fixtures to homeowners who appreciate innovative design and technology coupled with old-fashioned durability.

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