Kohler’s stainless steel sinks aren’t just for the kitchen

ProductDetailTemplateLooking for a surefire way to elevate your bathroom design to the 21st century and beyond?

It’s easy. Install a stainless steel bathroom sink from Kohler.

Once reserved solely for the kitchen, homeowners today are treated to a wide array of contemporary bathroom sink styles which achieve a uniquely modern bathroom look with an oldie-but-goodie durable material.

A treasure trove of benefits

All the reasons that make stainless steel great for the kitchen translate to the bathroom as well.

Stainless steel is very easy to clean and the brushed look means that scratches will simply blend into the design over time. These sinks are also extremely durable and keep their out-of-the-box look for years to come since they don’t rust, stain or tarnish. Steel doesn’t chip, crack or fade either!

Keeping the bathroom sanitary is super easy as bacteria and mold have a very difficult time growing on stainless steel surfaces. It truly is the ideal choice for the most moisture and bacteria prone room in the house.

Eye-catching versatility

The distinct shine of stainless steel catches your eye in a way that traditional white sinks simply can’t. In particular, Kohler’s mirrored Timpani® vessel-style basin adds a dramatic centerpiece to your bathroom that will instantly make the most standard bath appear chic and luxurious.

There’s a reason why sinks such as the Timpani® are a favorite at high-end spas and fashionable boutique hotels.

With steel you never have to worry that your new sink won’t match the existing décor. The brilliance of stainless goes with every motif and any color scheme. Whether your style is classic or ultra-modern, you’re sure to find a model that will slide right in as if it were made to be there.

From affordable to downright luxurious

Steel is strong, lightweight and comparatively cheap to produce compared to other sink materials. Low-end models offer the perfect balance of being inexpensive, built to last and stunningly beautiful while high-end models provide homeowners with a design aesthetic that’s simply impossible to mimic.

Sure, the pricier models can be just that, pricey, but if making the neighbors insanely jealous is just your cup of tea, a stunning stainless steel basin with wall-hung taps is guaranteed to do the trick.

Mixed materials is trending

It used to be that mixing and matching materials in your bathroom was seen as a big time design no-no, but today it’s commonplace to juxtapose wood, concrete, glass and steel with more traditional bathroom materials.

While plenty of homeowners still adhere to the classic style of a matching “set,” recent trends give you the freedom to combine materials for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Consider an idyllic blend of rustic and modern with a stainless vessel-style basin fixed on a slab of treated mahogany. Imagine how a shiny under-mount bowl would set off a frosted glass countertop.

Because stainless steel goes with everything, the possibilities are truly endless. All you’ve got to do is let your imagination do the talking.

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