Get more out of a tiny bathroom

small-bathroomIf it feels like you’re cramming into an airplane lavatory every time you answer nature’s call, then it’s time to hit delete and reboot.

The median American home is 36 years old. A lot has changed since 1978, both in terms of bathroom design and available fixtures and hardware. If your bathroom still has its original equipment, you’ve got a great opportunity to start over from scratch and get a whole lot more out of limited square footage.

Here are some great tips to help you better utilize the space.

Choose one style

The overall feel of your bathroom comes from the colors and materials you pick out. Choose one style and stick with it. There’s a reason why manufacturers like Kohler design entire collections meant to fit together.

Lighter colors give you a feeling of more space as does using a higher quality material sparingly, like marble tiles for example.

Less is more

Go minimalistic. Decide up front on the most important items in your bathroom. Upgrade what you love the most and remove all unnecessary items. Adore high-end faucets? You really can’t get more chic than wall-mounted.

If you’re someone that rarely to never takes a bubble bath, consider ripping out the tub and finding luxury elsewhere. Splurge on an amazing rainwater showerhead with side nozzles and an additional handheld attachment.

Invest in a space-saving toilet and sink

Modern round-front toilets, such as those in the Cimarron® line, take up much less space without sacrificing comfort. Add a matching pedestal sink and your bathroom will be well appointed and have a lot more open space.

The less you have attached to the floor the bigger and more luxurious the room will feel. Complete the minimalist design with a large recessed cabinet.

Elongate your floor

Floor tiles should ideally be rectangular with a ratio of 2:1. Lay them in one direction pointing to the door to create an illusion of a never ending floor. The larger the tiles the more effective the optical illusion will be.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Small rooms need big mirrors. A large wall-mounted mirror will perform wonders. It will increase the light in your bathroom and give you the illusion of space.

Shed some light on the matter

Nothing says small and dank like an ill lit room. When redesigning your bathroom pay close attention to lighting. The brighter you make the bathroom the more airy the room will feel.

Try to include a decent amount of recessed lighting. Small, inset fixtures won’t overpower your bathroom design like a big chunky 70’s style light fixture will. Recessed lighting spread around the ceiling also leaves less dark corners.

Say goodbye to your clutter

Wall-mounted storage is great, but to really maximize your bathroom Zen, get all the clutter you can out of there. Buy a plastic tub and store all extra toiletries and rarely used lotions like sunblock in the garage or a linen closet. The tidier you keep your tiny bathroom, the more spacious it will feel.

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