Touch-free fixtures: what will they think of next?

consolidated-touchlessTake a walk through the aisles of any plumbing supply showroom and you’ll be blown away by some of the incredible touch-free fixtures available today for your kitchen and bath. From germ preventing touch-free toilets to handsfree kitchen faucets that make washing up a breeze.

The amazing touchless flush toilet by Kohler

Touchless flushing means fewer germs to pick up or leave behind. Just hold your hand over the sensor on top of the tank to activate the flush.

Kohler sells different lines of touchless flush toilets for every style of décor. The two-piece Cimarron collection offers a classic look whereas a stunning one-piece San Souci can add pizzazz to any washroom.

If you’re not in the market for all new equipment, nearly any conventional tank toilets can be retrofitted to be touch free with Kohler’s easy-to-install Touchless Flush Kit.

Touch2O® faucet technology

The quickest and easiest way to give your bathroom a new look is by upgrading your faucet. Delta Faucets has upped the ante for your bathroom sink with gorgeous modern designs like Dryden and Talbott. You’ll be amazed how much a quality faucet can truly set off the room.

To go along with your touchless toilet, why not consider keeping the theme with Delta’s Touch2O® technology? Simply tap anywhere on the faucet with your finger to activate water flow. It’s just like playing the piano.

For a truly high-class look, consider a BRIZO SmartTouch® lavatory faucet. BRIZO is top-of-the-line and they’re absolutely stunning.

Out of the bathroom and into the kitchen

Touch activated fixtures are great in the bath, but in the kitchen they’re downright necessary. Think of all the times you’ve got gooey fingers. With a Sensate™ Touchless Kitchen Faucet you’ll never have this problem ever again.

Kohler has really raised the bar with Sensate™. Many competitors offer awesome touch activated models, but Sensate™ works with a unique state-of-the-art sensor that is precision-designed and activates at the wave of your hand or even a kitchen utensil. But don’t worry, the sensor is specially calibrated to not turn on by accident.

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