Experience the luxury of a freestanding bath

freestanding tubAdvancements in post-war fiberglass molding technology led to the birth and popularity of fully encapsulated bath/shower enclosures. By the mid-1980s an all-in-one bath solution had become the norm, complete with a cheap, gaudy, flower patterned plastic shower curtain.

Now, bathroom designers are moving forward by taking two steps back. Freestanding baths have returned with a vengeance, and they’re more elegant and luxurious than ever.

Here are a few reasons why you need to consider a freestanding tub for your next bathroom makeover.

Boldly state that your bathroom is a relaxation destination

Freestanding tubs are less of a plumbing fixture and more of a piece of ornamental furniture. While the focal point of most bathrooms is the sink and vanity, rooms that feature a freestanding tub instantly draw the eye away from the wall and into the bath. This creates a welcoming ambience that all but removes your clothes and slides you into the tub.

Place a small wooden table featuring bubble bath, bath salts and essential oils to the side of the tub and you’ll begin to view the bathroom not as the place where you get ready for work but instead as a relaxing refuge, safe from the outside world.

Create an illusion of space

While built-in tub enclosures do in fact use up less square footage, they tend to generate sensations of constriction and claustrophobia.

A freestanding tub, on the other hand, will create the illusion that your bathroom is larger and more airy than it actually is. With plenty of space for you to extend your arms and legs without crashing into the wall, a smaller bathroom can now provide the same level of spacious bathing that you might find in a luxury hotel.

Explore placement options

Part of what makes bathroom renovation design challenging is working new elements into a space that was plumbed for a completely different set of fixtures and features. Built-in units must be placed in a corner where two walls meet with a wet wall at the head of the enclosure.

Freestanding tubs are far more flexible. It’s even possible to construct a raised platform to give your gorgeous new tub the showcase it deserves.

Craft that “spa” look right down the hall

Whether your motif is vintage claw-foot or graceful and modern, freestanding tubs come in a variety of shapes and lend themselves to add a spa-like feel to your bathroom. This vibe is much more difficult to achieve with a built-in.

Kohler offers models for every budget and aesthetic

With Kohler, a small budget need not prevent you from bringing the ultimate in bathroom luxury to your home. Even at the lower end of the price range, Sunstruck™ oval tubs provide plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy a deep, relaxing soak.

kohler 4

For a more quadratic look, go with Stargaze™. Offering similar lumbar support and an extra deep basin, Stargaze™ features crisp clean lines and a straight shroud.

kohler 5

At the higher end consider a modern take on the classic claw-toothed tub. Birthday Bath® combines contemporary brass legs with an ergonomically redesigned basin.

kohler 6

Abrazo® brings the MOMA into your washroom…

kohler 7

…and Aliento® is the freestanding tub conveniently built for two!

kohler 8

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