5 tips for creating your own home wellness center

luxury bathroomLife is getting more hectic by the minute. There’s never been a better time to transform your bathroom into an idyllic personal retreat!

Setting up a private home wellness center doesn’t need to be complex or crazy expensive. Here are five killer tips to get you well on your way to crafting the ultimate relaxation sanctuary.

  1. Consider a complete lighting overhaul

It’s no secret that light has a profound effect on our moods and emotions. In order to arouse a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in a once-ordinary bathroom, the first change you have to make is to reinvent the lighting.

The traditional mode of thinking when it comes to bathroom lighting is “brighter is better,” but the reality is that it’s difficult to relax under a sea of intense glare. Bathrooms tend to be filled with many reflective surfaces, so special care must be taken to install the proper fixtures with the right bulbs.

Divide your light sources into four categories: wall, ceiling, mirror and decorative. Use high-quality white opal glass for glare-free background light from the ceiling and swivel-style track lighting with LEDs to target specific areas for illumination. Mirrors should be lit from both the left and right to avoid shadowing, and decorative lighting adds a feel-good atmosphere to the room.

Use this simple test to determine whether your lighting schema is right for relaxation:

  • Stand two people approximately six feet apart at opposite ends of the room with the door closed and the shade drawn. Faces should appear natural and in a neutral light color.
  • Glare on the cheeks is a sign of too much light, while shadows are an indication of the opposite.
  1. Splurge on a luxury shower head

Hot water is the ultimate relaxant. Investing in a full-on luxury shower system such as the Odin Collection by Brizo ensures you’ll never want to leave the bath.

The Odin Collection includes a Scandinavian inspired raincan shower head, handshower, and body spray all powered by proprietary SmartTouchPlus™ proximity sensing technology, providing hands-free and touch-sensitive operation.

  1. Break the cardinal rule of bathroom flooring

Carpets have long been seen as a no-no for bathrooms, but imagine stepping out of the shower and wiggling your toes through the soft fibers of a plush throw rug. If the bathroom is reserved for adult-use only, you can even consider wall-to-wall carpeting with a designated dry off zone just outside of the wet areas.

  1. Add plants for a calming influence

One or two large-leafed potted plants help convey a soothing mood to the room. Check with your local nursery to find plants that are apt for success in warm, moist, indoor environments.

Add to the ambience with aromatic incense sticks, etheric oils, water scents and an abundance of candles to shift the vibe and slow the pace. A small Bluetooth powered speaker system is ideal for playing soft music to suppress stressors from the outside world.

  1. The devil is in the details

Extra-large fluffy towels, ornate bottles for deluxe bath products, new bath slippers and a luxurious silk robe – all these small things add up when trying to put yourself into the wellness mindset.

Space permitting, a comfy oversized chair provides the perfect refuge. Lock the door and curl up with a good book.


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