Get the most out of a galley kitchen

galley kitchenThe galley kitchen may not be the sexiest layout in the design catalog, but for providing maximum efficiency with minimal space it simply can’t be beat.

Owning a home fitted with a galley doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the cucina of your dreams. Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your galley kitchen.

Light on dark colors

It used to be that a stained oak finish was the crème de la crème of cabinet finishes, but if your cabinetry features a dark, outdated varnish, you’re unnecessarily making your space seem smaller than it actually is.

Repainting those old wood cabinets off-white or bright beige will instantaneously pull more light into the room to create a more welcoming, airy ambience. If possible, cut in a bonus window or install a skylight to further the effect. Track lighting is a solid alternative when additional natural light is unavailable.

Storage to the rafters

Whether you prefer closed cabinetry or open shelving, be sure to utilize every square inch of space by installing storage all the way to the ceiling.

If your home features ultra-high ceilings, don’t let this deter you from gobbling up all that extra storage space. Simply stock seldom-used items on higher shelves and keep a folding stepladder handy in a nearby closet.

Galley kitchens tend to feature limited counter space, so the additional storage up high will allow you to keep working areas less cluttered down below.

Streamline cabinets to prevent the blockage of sight lines from one end of the room to the other, and invest in storage solutions that allow you to stow away blenders, mixers and other machines not utilized on a daily basis.

Splurge on kick butt fixtures and appliances

There’s a major bonus to having less square footage to fill up with costly construction materials: more money for fancy fixtures and top of the line appliances!

Saving thousands of dollars on countertops means you’ll have cash on hand to install Delta’s awesome Trinsic pull-down prep faucet featuring Touch2O® Technology.

kohler 9Rip out your boring old sink and upgrade to Kohler’s Executive Chef™, built with durable chip resistant cast iron and features a state-of-the-art offset faucet ledge to take full advantage of basin space. Duo bowls (large and medium) are ideal for separating clean and dirty dishes with plenty of room for oversized pots and pans.

From an ultramodern refrigerator to the espresso maker of your dreams, allow your kitchen to make up what it lacks in size with the latest in kitchen gadgetry.

Personalize your space

It may sound counterintuitive to add artwork and personal items to an already crowded room, but the reality is that adding some fun to your kitchen makes it a more pleasant place to be.

Dress windows with quality treatments that don’t inhibit the intake of sunlight, and flop a vibrantly colored throw down the aisle. Sure, a rug in the kitchen will require the occasional laundering, but there’s real value in allowing your workroom’s personality to exceed its limited dimensions.

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