Avoid these 5 bathroom renovation disasters

shutterstock_87475060There’s much more of a science to bathroom renovation design than most homeowners want to admit. While it might seem as simple as picking out the shower, toilet, sink and fixtures of your dreams and plugging them in like a Lego set, the reality is that bathroom design snafus can run from problematic all the way up to disastrous.

Here are five common mistakes that are best avoided before you call in the demolition man.

A room with a view

Bathroom sight lines are extremely important, both the view out and the view in.

Regardless of your color scheme, natural light is essential for making the room feel bright and inviting. Not leaving wall space for a large enough window could leave your bathroom feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Plus, not having proper air circulation can lead to excess dampness and even mildew and mold.

If you are truly short on space consider installing a powerful extraction fan and an alternative source of sunlight such as glass blocks or a skylight.

A similar mistake would be not taking into consideration the view into your bathroom from other rooms in the house. Occupied or not, you won’t want your toilet to be visible from the kitchen, dining room or living room.

Short term thinking

A bathroom renovation can be a huge investment, not just financially but also in terms of time and energy. Make sure the concept you come up with is poised to last.

Perhaps you’re a young childless couple today, but the pitter-patter of little feet might be just around the corner.

Think this is your dream home and you’ll never sell? Think again—you never know when a job opportunity might pop up elsewhere.

There are a million and one changes that could take place in your life and alter your bathroom tastes and needs. Choose a design that is bold and exciting but also safe enough to pass the test of time and meet your (or another owner’s) future needs.

Minimalism provides minimal storage

Less truly can be more if you are disposed to fully hop on board with the minimalist lifestyle, but unless you’re willing to halve those beauty products and don’t mind storing hair dryers, curlers and electric toothbrush chargers in the hall closet, you’d best think twice before cutting out too much of your storage space.

From extra toilet paper to wash cloths, towels and those ten bottles of your favorite shampoo that you stocked up on because it was on sale—all this stuff needs to go “somewhere,” so beware of skimping on storage to try and create a chic aesthetic.

Here today, gone tomorrow

What’s the danger of going too trendy? I’ll give you a hint, it’s right there in the definition of the word. What is “currently” popular won’t always be. Remember that when contemplating cutting-edge installations.

It’s gonna get wet in there

When it comes to using natural building products in the bathroom, think “buyer beware.” While plenty of manufacturers feature wood and paper products specifically treated to be appropriate for bathroom use, this doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to have zero issues with moisture. And you definitely don’t want to use fiber-based materials that aren’t exclusively meant for use in a wet room.

How closely you toe the line on this one will also depend greatly on factors such as the climate where you live and how efficient the ventilation is in your bathroom.

Wallpaper will fare better in warmer locales where the window is left open most of the year than it will in harsher climates that experience prolonged winters with plenty of rain and ice.

Use your better judgment, but remember that glass, porcelain and ceramic are better suited for moisture than paper, wood or other porous materials.

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