8 design ideas for filling up a big bathroom

Everywhere you look you’ll find tips and tricks for maximizing space in a small bathroom, but there is a real shortage of advice for people with the opposite problem.

shutterstock_115941301Homeowners suffering with insufficient bathroom floor space might think it impossible to have a bathroom be “too big”, but too much barren space has the potential of leaving you feeling like you’re showering in a gym locker room.

Trying to fill the space up without a clear direction will leave your bathroom looking disorganized and perpetually messy. Here are eight great ideas for filling up all that extra space the right way!

1. Divide and conquer

The first thing you’ll want to do is divide your generous bathroom space into two distinct areas: a wet zone and a dry zone.

Your bath, shower and sinks all fall into the wet zone while the vanity storage and hanging space should all be in the dry area. With the room cut in half you’ll never feel like you’re out in the open.

2. Kick your shoes off and chill

Take a cue from Hollywood mega stars. There’s nothing more luxurious than having a comfy sofa or plush chair included in your bathroom layout.

Creating a relaxing place to sit while you paint your nails or put on your socks helps to transform your bathroom into a peaceful retreat.

3. Double up

As an alternative method for cutting up the space, especially in a master suite bathroom, why not consider taking the “his and hers” route?

If you share your bathroom you could install double sinks, double vanities and even double sets of shower heads in an extended shower. There are a variety of options that look luxurious while being totally practical. With your own dedicated sink and counter space, you and your products will never have to shuffle over to make room for your partner’s.

4. Lights, camera, action!

Lighting is important in any bathroom, but especially important in a large bathroom. Dimly lit areas can make your bathroom feel like a dank dungeon.

To avoid gloomy dark zones, invest in good quality lighting that illuminates the whole room. With all that extra space you can even choose to go super luxurious and install a chandelier. Ooh-la-la.

5. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirrors enhance the lighting in your bathroom and are therefore a must, but you need to use them wisely. Don’t hang mirrors that reflect into each other as this can ruin the effect and make you feel like you’re in the hall of mirrors at the circus!

6. Customize, customize, customize

One-size-fits-all vanities don’t necessarily work well in extra-large bathrooms. Take advantage of your roomy bath and have custom made vanities designed and installed specifically for your space.

Not only will a larger vanity provide ample storage and help control clutter, but the custom build will better fill up the space and tie everything else in the room together nicely.

7. It’s like a jungle in there

Incorporating plants into your bathroom will give your bathroom a luxurious and fresh feel. Be careful to research the plants before purchasing them as not all plants will flourish in a humid indoor climate.

8. Expand your color palette

Finally, having a large bathroom means you have more flexibility with your color palette.

In a smaller bathroom, light colors give a feeling of more space. But in a larger bathroom you have the option to take a chance on a bolder or darker color. You could also opt for one contrast wall in a darker color.

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