5 Ideas for Creating an Elegant Master Bathroom

elegant-bathroom-photoThere are nice bathrooms, and then there are nice bathrooms. If you’d like yours to be truly elegant, then this is the post for you.

Here are five pointers for any homeowner looking to transform their master suite into a place to escape the worries of everyday life and fade off into luxury.

1. Say good-bye to out-of-the-box cabinetry

No two bathrooms are the same, so you’ll want to avoid purchasing one size fits all cabinets. Have fitted counters and vanities custom-designed for your bathroom.

Working with a professional to design your own units will ensure your bathroom storage is as elegant and practical as you desire. Dealing with a master craftsman is the best way to guarantee a quality product that will be long lasting while capturing the look you want.

2. Think all sinks, toilets and faucets are the same?

Spare no expense when it comes to your sink, faucets and toilet. How these items feel and function relates directly to how your bathroom feels to you. Choose items that match the image you have in mind for your renovation but don’t lose sight of the need for them to be durable.

If you have a Victorian era bathroom in mind, select modern fixtures that feature the latest technology with a classic Victorian design. Don’t seek out authentic Victorian pieces that will leak and have other maintenance issues.

If you do want to incorporate original era antiques into your bathroom it’s best to use them ornamentally. How about a set of sophisticated glass bottles to house your toiletries?

3. Lay back and relax in a modern freestanding bathtub

For a touch of true elegance consider installing a freestanding bathtub. As with other fixtures, quality is everything, so choose carefully.

Coupling your new freestanding tub with a chandelier completes the look of sheer elegance. Hang it directly over the tub so that the light reflects off the water.

4. Luxurious showers are door-free

A design trend these days is to replace that 1980’s glass encased shower unit with a large designated shower zone that is both door and curtain free.

Instead of an enclosed unit, you’ll simply slope your floor towards a drain and install a slight rim to demarcate the shower area.

Use an elegant and smooth finish, such as elongated gray slate tiles to line the base and sides of your new open shower. Invest in a rainwater shower head and powerful side shower nozzles. Light the area with recessed fixtures in the ceiling above the shower.

5. Windows and doors should be dramatic

Take a close look at two of your bathroom’s more permanent features: windows and doors.

Nothing beats a captivating view from a huge window or an entranceway of graceful French doors. If you don’t have a great view to showcase, you can consider opening your bathroom out into your garden.

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