Hot Bathroom Colors Complement Stylish New Fixtures

colors-t492145021A bathroom facelift is one of the most popular home improvement projects undertaken by American homeowners.

Once your space is gutted and your shiny new sink and shower are installed, it’s time to pick out colors to complete your renovation and transform your bathroom from drab to fab.

While whittling down paint selections can be stressful, we’ve got a few color combinations that will be sure to elevate your bathroom to the envy of the neighborhood.

The average person spends nearly one and a half years hanging out behind closed doors, so let’s ensure that your bathroom is the pleasant refuge that it should be!

Nature calls

Colors that originate in nature are trending at the moment and paint manufacturers like Benjamin Moore have responded by crafting a new neutral palette inspired by the air itself.

To create an ambience each and every time you walk into your bathroom consider moving towards the seascapes. From the greenish-blue froth of a crashing wave to the brisk sapphire of a deep blue sea, a combination of these tones will create a serene bathroom experience.

Mediterranean shades are particularly hot at the moment and work exceptionally well in conjunction with an en suite shower room. Consider large gray tiles for the wet walls to complete the theme throughout.

Robust sunshine yellows and more gentle golden sunset hues evoke feelings of happiness that are ideal for any bathroom. Yellows work well on their own or make great accent walls in conjunction with more muted earthy colors.

Look for smooth yellow shades to brighten up smaller bathrooms and create the illusion of more space. Less square footage doesn’t have to mean less pizazz. Kohler can help you boost wow factor with a classy white vessel sink and matching sleek one-piece toilet.

Contrast is king

If nature’s not your thing, consider going bold and selecting two tones that are not normally seen together. Think Seville orange with a subtle turquoise, or eggplant and Mediterranean indigo.

Make sure to gather a collection of paint swatches from your preferred retailer to mix and match and discover which colors work with which.

Remember that your color palette should showcase your new fixtures and installations. Elegant faucets, sinks, and showerheads are the cornerstone of any great bathroom.

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