A buying guide for kitchen design software

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Modern software solutions make it easier than ever for homeowners to draw up their own kitchen remodel plans without the assistance of an architect. But knowing which design suite is right for you can be just as challenging as deciding between the granite or marble countertops.

In this post we’ll cover a few of the most popular kitchen design software packages available on the market today.

Home Designer Suite 2015 by Chief Architect

Known for impressively accurate three-dimensional virtual tours, Home Designer Suite 2015 allows you to design and decorate rooms down to precise details. With thousands of cabinet designs, name brand appliances, floor patterns, paint colors and more, it’s easy to see exactly what your new kitchen will look like.

The drag & drop interface is very easy to use.

Download from Amazon.com for $99 or Chief Architect’s Home Designer Interiors for $79

The “Interiors” version of the software offers an even more extensive object library and the ability to project how different lighting options will affect shadows in your space.

TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Pro V15 by IMSI

TurboFloorPlan is for homeowners who plan on doing a great deal of the renovation work DIY. Plan wiring and plumbing schematics to print out diagrams that show infrastructure layout “behind the walls.”

Both 2D & 3D options are available for virtual tours.

The one downside of this software is the inability to import your existing blueprint from a file.

Download TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Pro V15 Direct for $99

HGTV Ultimate Home Design with Landscaping & Decks

A wizard-driven user interface makes this product easy to use. While the object library is slightly smaller than competitors’, the software does allow for the importing of digital photos.

The primary advantage of this package is the information-packed HGTV how-to library, exclusive HGTV tips and cost-estimation calculator.

The biggest con is that a free trial is not permitted.

Buy HGTV Ultimate Home Design with Landscaping & Decks for $79

HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite 5.0

At half the price of the Ultimate Home Design package, this is basically a watered down version for those only interested in renovating a room or two. While the learning curve may be slightly longer, the interface is still wizard-driven and includes drag and drop features.

For those on a budget, you won’t find more powerful software for 40 bucks.

Buy HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite 5.0 for $39


Truth be told, design software capabilities are so far advanced compared to years past that any of the packages above will probably more than meet your needs. The power you can harness with a $100 program far surpasses what top designers paid top dollar for just 5 or 10 years ago.

Even if you’re only considering a home renovation, purchasing a kitchen design program to play around with is money well spent.

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