5 bathroom trends to avoid and why

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Half the fun of planning a bathroom renovation is browsing interior design blogs to target popular trends that would look great in your home. However, not every trend is built for the “long haul” so choose carefully as to which hot new ideas you implement and which you leave for the magazines.

Here are 5 big time no-no’s you should work hard to avoid.

1. Assuming that bigger is always better

The belief that extra square footage is the all-encompassing key to luxury can leave you with a big empty space that looks and feels awkward. Only shoot for a king-sized master bath when you’ve got the budget to fill in all that extra room with royal goodies such as a free standing tub, oversized shower enclosure, his and hers sinks or a plush bathroom love seat.

A large bath is luxurious only when it’s filled with luxuries.

Instead of stretching your floor plan to the max as the first step, try mapping out the amenities you’d like (and can afford) and work backwards to determine the “right” size for your bathroom.

2. Overloading on accessories

There’s nothing wrong with adding a handful of trendy, top-of-the-line accessories when putting the finishing touches on your new bathroom. But the key word here is “handful.”

Choose accessories that actually accentuate the space instead of making it look like you backed a semi-truck up to Crate & Barrel. A neutral-toned room with clean lines and a few accent pieces will create a much better impression than a busy room packed with all the latest bathroom gadgets.

3. Taking DIY a smidge too far

Part of surviving as a homeowner is knowing when to DIY and when to call in the pros. Unless you’re a wizard with the tools, a bathroom renovation is probably a case of the latter.

Some folks just have a natural knack for the trades, but most DIY-ers are amateurs who’ve been watching too much HGTV.

Overdoing it on the DIY can leave you with a sub-par final product, and mistakes in plumbing could cost you thousands in water damage to floorboards and joists.

4. Loving what your neighbor did

So you’ve been admiring your neighbor’s bathroom upgrade for the past five years, and every visit leaves you green with envy.

Don’t copy their design.


Because following yesterday’s trend is a surefire way to make your brand new bathroom look like you, too, went through a major facelift half a decade ago.

It’s okay to get ideas from remodel jobs you admire, but be sure to keep up with tomorrow’s design trends if you want your style to last.

5. Letting your dreams sidestep reality

Before implementing any bathroom trend into your home, take a deep breath and make sure you can pull it off.

A single element can derail the entire design, looking incredible on paper but totally out of place if not implemented properly.

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