5 reasons a dedicated plumbing supplier beats the big box stores

If you’ve ever heard that “You get what you pay for,” you’ll understand why homeowners in the know buy toilets, fixtures and other plumbing materials from a dedicated plumbing supplier and not at a chain store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

It’s not that the big box stores are terrible. They’re simply limited in what they can do.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why a dedicated plumbing supplier beats the socks off the competition.

1. Proper plumbing specialists

Chain stores like to advertise access to a knowledgeable sales staff, but the reality is that most employees possess only a passing understanding of their department at best and get most of their training “on the job.”

This doesn’t mean that team members aren’t friendly and helpful, just that it’s highly unlikely they’re true specialists in their department.

You’ll find a much higher level of expertise from staff working at a warehouse focused on plumbing alone.

2. Access to cutting edge technologies and fresh product lines

The buying process for a large corporation is long and convoluted, making it more difficult to get the hottest new products from the factory to the shelf.

On the other hand, a dedicated supplier works in close contact with the manufacturers to make it easier for customers to request special orders and purchase the newest models available on the market.

3. A wider assortment of boutique and high-end products

Home Depot and Lowe’s primarily cater to the mid-range DIY market (and contractors catering to this same demographic). This means shelves are stocked with middle-of-the-road priced products to keep their target market happy.

In short, at the box stores you get access only to what everyone else already has. Consolidated Plumbing offers access to truly unique fixtures and designer-quality materials.

4. Selection, selection, selection

Chain stores sell everything under the sun, from gardening gear to electrical provisions, lumber, wallpaper, paint, flooring tools and more. While such all-in-one warehouses are absolutely convenient, selling “everything” in one place puts a real strain on shelf space. And less shelf space for each department translates into a more limited selection.

Shop the all-in-one warehouses for your weekend DIY projects but not when you’re staring down the barrel of a major home renovation.

5. True design inspiration

The job of workers at a big box store is to smile, answer simple questions and point you in the general direction of the aisle where you’ll find what you’re looking for. To compare, the business of employees at a dedicated plumbing designer is to help you piece together the kitchen or bath of your dreams.

This is where you’ll discover the true difference that extensive industry experience brings to the table.

Plumbing specialists boasts a deeper understanding of the product lines they sell and how each element works together to create a particular design aesthetic.

And face it, browsing several thousand square feet of showroom is far more likely to spark inspiration than an aisle or two at the chain store.

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