Scandinavian bathroom design

scand-bath-t512964123Scandinavian design emerged during the early 1950’s out of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. With clean, quadratic lines the look is easy to recognize but not always so easy to recreate. It focuses on functionality and minimalism and uses simple but high quality materials.

In this post we’ll take a peek at the materials, colors and fixtures that can help you to install this style in your bathroom.

Watch your colors

Scandinavian colors tend to be grays, moody gray/blues or fresh stark whites. To contrast with the muted tone, consider using a touch of color to catch the eye. A collection of colorful towels is a perfect way to provide this splash.

Clutter is out

Paramount to achieving the Scandinavian look is uncluttering your bathroom. Removing unnecessary items is vital and you’ll need to commit to keeping your bathroom mess free. If you’re a natural hoarder or just someone who enjoys sharing your space with little keepsakes and mementos, this style may not be for you.

If you want to keep all your lotions and potions, you could invest in a large glass fronted vanity that would keep them out of sight without breaking up the simplicity of the room.

Sleek and modern fixtures

Look at your bathroom fixtures. Are they aesthetically simple, pleasing to look at and functional? They need to pass these three tests to meet muster.

If your bathroom fixtures are dated, you’ll need to give them an overhaul. Simple silver fixtures with a very minimalist look are what you’re after.

The less detail they have and the more quality functional design that has gone into them, the better they will work at achieving the look you’re after.

It comes from the forest

Wood is a popular material used in Scandinavian homes, frequently installed as flooring or even wall paneling. In the bathroom, however, you’ll need to take into consideration the element of practicality.

Thick lumber floorboards that get water stained easily are out, so think about blond wood touches and possibly a slatted floor overlay in the area of the shower. Alternatively use wood effect floor tiles.

Of course, if you’ve got the space and budget, a cedar sauna would be the ultimate way to have your bathroom screaming Scandinavia.

Break out the Windex

Glass is another popular material that can be used in lieu of traditional sheetrock. Consider a glass room divider separating the bath from the toilet or a simple glass wall to close your shower in on one side.

Keep it as simple and clean cut as possible. You could choose to use glass with a blue tint that matches the colors of the rest of the bathroom, but avoid smoked or otherwise treated glass.

Matching over contrast

The overall look of the room needs to be seamless. Ensure there is a harmony in the items you choose. If you invest in a new oval bathtub, get a toilet and sink that match it in style and color.

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