6 trendy kitchen accessories for 2015 & beyond

french press
Our core product lines focus on the latest and greatest in sinks, showers, tubs, faucets, toilets and all other plumbing related goodies, but this doesn’t mean we’re not interested in everything else that goes into creating the ultimate kitchen or bath experience.

In this post we’re going to look at a host of hot kitchen gadgets you won’t want to live without.

After all, the kitchen is the focal point of the modern home, and the time you spend there ought to be fun, right?

1. The best peeler you’ll ever own for under 10 bucks

You’ve already got a peeler but we guarantee it pales in comparison to the Trio by Prepara.

With separate blades for different types of fruits and vegetables you’ll be able to quickly and easily prepare skinless versions of foods you never thought possible.

Ever tried peeling a tomato? What a disaster.

Not with the Trio.

2. Another no-brainer improvement on an old school kitchen tool

Joseph Joseph’s square colander is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that you’ll never know how poorly engineered your old strainer was until you try this one.

The pioneering design offers several attractive features:

  • Balanced design prevents colander from tipping or falling over.
  • Extra-quick draining.
  • More accurate pouring means less mess.
  • Square contour makes for efficient storage.

3. Loose leaf extraordinaire

Some kitchen gadgets look cool but function poorly. Others look cool and work like a charm.

Tea lovers can’t rave enough about La Cafetaire’s innovative Tea Swizzle and now you can brew up a cup of your favorite loose leaf tea with less mess and a built-in stirrer.

4. A summertime must

Remember those rusty old stem removers your grandmother used to haul out for strawberry season?

Well, they worked – but not as well as the Chef’n Strawberry Huller by Williams & Sonoma.

Not only is this gadget fast and effective, but its gorgeous design is worth displaying as an aesthetic addition to your kitchen. You’ll leave your Chef’n Strawberry Huller out on the counter just to make your friends take notice and ask what it is.

5. Cut calories but not flavor

A fresh salad can quickly turn into a high calorie “treat” if you smother your lettuce with delicious, but fatty, salad dressing. Even a dripping of olive oil and balsamic vinegar isn’t the healthiest option.

Enter the Oil Mister at Sur la table.

Infuse your salads with just enough herb flavored oil to tantalize your taste buds without turning diet food into junk food.

6. An old trend coming back in a big way

It’s no secret that drinking top-quality coffee has been in style ever since double-latte with no fat soy entered the modern vernacular – but it’s shocking to find how many homeowners invest in the top beans on the market only to toss them into a traditional drip coffee maker.

To get with the program pick up a French press.

It’s chic. It’s sophisticated. But most importantly the French press will brew you the best tasting cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

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