3 unusual places to find bathroom design inspiration

leafy bathroom
Sometimes the most innovative and imaginative bathroom motifs are those that grab inspiration from outside the confines of your local design warehouse. Creativity and ingenuity often work together to create never-before-seen bathroom experiences.

In this post we’ll look at three unusual locations where homeowners can uncover unique ideas for their bathroom makeover. If you’re ready to break the mold, take a look.

1. Let’s get cavernous

The general consensus on bathroom colors and lighting is that bright and airy rule the day. But what if your commode is located in the basement and adding “plenty of sunshine” isn’t an option?

One course of action would be to introduce artificial sunlight. Another would be to roll with it.

A common trend these days is to use classic subway tilework as a wall-covering and this underground style most definitely works—but what if you took your sublevel bathroom a step further?

Using stone or faux-stone wall tile and floor covering to create a “cave-like” ambiance is a lot more soothing and relaxing than you might realize. Instead of feeling confined and claustrophobic, stoned in spaces tend to invoke sensations of secrecy and privacy, similar to the steam rooms at upscale Korean spas.

Consider investing in a Kohler Underscore® 48″ x 48″ cube drop-in VibrAcoustic® bath with chromatherapy to complete your underground sanctuary.

2. Lost in the woods

Few places on Earth trump the forest when it comes to peace and tranquility. Bringing the serenity and stillness of the woods into your bathroom is both easy and gratifying.

Natural green and brown tones go well together as do grays and porous stone. Live foliage such as ferns or even ivy help pull off the authenticity of your design as do treated branches or other wood accessories.

Consider having a custom built vanity constructed out of thick, bold reclaimed timber. An Artifacts® bathroom sink spout with Column design over a low, clear-glass vessel sink will perfectly blend the outdoorsy feel with modern comfort.

3. Back to the future

Forget about what’s hot in 2015. Jump the gun and design a bathroom fit for the future. A quick Google search for “futuristic bathrooms” unleashed a whirlwind of fabulous ideas.

While we’ve all got different ideas of what 2115 and beyond might look like, there seem to be a few common trends worth paying attention to:

  1. Cool blue lighting—the future loves neon.
  2. Simplicity an smooth lines—suave corners and unblemished white surfaces.
  3. Square chrome faucets—think Ara™ Single Handle Lavatory Faucet with Channel Spout by Delta.
  4. Translucent materials—it seems as though clear and frosted glass are all the rage a hundred years from now. Might as well be a trendsetter.




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