10 killer bathroom design concepts you’ve never heard of

bathroom with fireplaceThere’s no middle ground when it comes to designing a bathroom renovation. Either you keep it safe (and there’s nothing wrong with that) or you get daring and go bold.

Let’s look at ten off-the-wall ideas that could take your quirky bath to the next level—if you’re willing to take a risk!

1. Employ flooring as the feature

Most bathroom designers tend to draw newcomers’ eyes to one of two places: the sink/faucet and vanity/mirror or a stunning tub/shower.

But what if your bathroom is “blah” and you don’t have the dough to shell out for a wall-to-wall makeover?

Rip up the flooring and lay broad, stylish, audacious tiles.

2. Cascading creepers

Adding plant life is a surefire method for doubling down on serenity. Go the extra mile and scrap the pots for a vertical garden in your bathroom.

3. Who needs walls?

Have you ever wished the master bath in your home was more Master, with a capital M?

If you’re brave enough, consider opening your under-sized en suite out into the bedroom. Sure, you’ll want to keep a barrier around the toilet and depending on your modesty level, perhaps the shower, too, but if you want to be on the cutting edge an open-plan bathroom will get you there.

4. An extended living space

Traditionally bathrooms exude a completely different design aesthetic from the rest of the house. But does it have to be this way? Not in 2015, it doesn’t.

Forget about blues and yellows, sailboats and seashells, and design your bathroom with the same motif that runs through the rest of your home.

5. A room with a view

Don’t worry so much about the neighbors looking in. Doubling or even tripling the size of your bathroom window is a great way to create a lot more space without adding a single square foot.

6. Patchwork tile work

Scrap the checkerboard and buy a collection of hand-painted picture tiles to give your shower a museum-quality appeal.

Don’t over-do it, though. While it’s OK to go asymmetrical with your tile work, do temper the theme with say 60% solid tiles in a single color. The gentle backdrop will make your artistic tiles stand out even more.

Multi-sized tiles can be more challenging to paste together smoothly but they work greatly to enhance the effect.

7. A desk and chair?

Sounds crazy, but it isn’t.

Nowadays more people are viewing their bathroom space as the only true at-home escape from a hectic life. Adding non-traditional furniture expands the list of things you can “do” in there.

Now, we’re not talking about a full scale workstation, just a comfy place to sit down and have a think. Another idea, of course, is a poofy chair or cozy love seat.

8. Plank walls

Many homeowners mistakenly believe wood just doesn’t belong in the bathroom, but a plank wall (or multiple walls), particularly in a cold climate, works to create a warm sensation as if your entire bathroom were built inside of a sauna.

9. Designer shower curtain and rod

If you’re not familiar with the present day selection of shower curtains you really do need to get acquainted. It’s no longer a world of “glass door or bust” out there.

10. Going all-in

What about a gas fireplace?

Yes, we said it.

Let that visual sink in a little bit if you have the wall space. You’ve got to admit it sounds pretty darn luxurious!

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