5 Reasons We Recommend an Upgrade to Bertch Cabinetry


Planning a major kitchen overhaul is the ultimate juggling act. With only so much to spend, homeowners shuffle funds from one side of the budget to the other. The key to a successful home renovation is putting the just enough money in the right place.

A surefire bet to yield positive returns is investing in quality Bertch cabinets. As one element of the kitchen that’s difficult to upgrade on the fly, installing cabinetry built for the life of your home is a smart move.

Distinct Designs & Exceptional Quality

A wide selection of distinctive woods and specialty finishes allow for infinite possibilities.

Bertch caters to homeowners seeking truly original designs in both traditional or contemporary styling. More than 50,000 wood, color and style combinations are available.

Over two dozen door cuts alone work to ensure that your installation will be uniquely suited for your individual tastes and home.

Cabinetry is built with only the finest wood and furniture joints to promise a lifetime of beauty and utility.

Concern for the Environment

Building with Bertch means building responsibly.

A pioneer of conservation in the industry, Bertch has fostered environmental accountability as part of their corporate philosophy since 1977. Reforestation & recycling are seamlessly integrated into manufacturing processes and the company boasts a number of innovative “green” initiatives:

  • Limited outsourcing reducing sulphur oxide emissions.
  • Eco-friendly products used in finishing.
  • Adhesive are formaldehyde-free.
  • Sawdust is repurposed to generate heat & electricity.

The company has planted thousands upon thousands of trees over the past three decades in efforts towards sustainability.

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

Offering stock, semi-custom and custom cabinetry gives homeowners adaptability when choosing how bespoke they wish their installation to be.

Opting for fully custom cabinets guarantees that your cabinets will be the envy of the neighborhood. Custom cabinets provide a bevy of benefits:

  • Fit any space – Irregular shaped kitchen? Tall ceilings? No problem.
  • Lumber selection – Enjoy a broader range of style combinations.
  • Custom accessories – Design cabinets to fit unique organizational needs.
  • Higher resale value – Custom cabinets allow you to recoup up to 100% of your cost in increased property value.
  • Design appeal – Enjoy truly one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

Small Kitchen Solutions

Working with an experienced cabinet manufacturer allows you to tap into years of expertise in the industry. Homeowners with unique cabinetry challenges, such as an exceptionally small kitchen, are pleased with the state-of-the-art design solutions available through Bertch.

The Focal Point of the Space

Traditional American floor plans relegated the kitchen to the back of the house. Cooking was meant to be performed in private, away from the elegance of the dining room.

Nowadays, a phenomenal home begins with the kitchen as the main attraction. Create a lasting first impression with eye-popping cabinets.

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