Using the Kohler Bathroom Buyer’s Guide

kohlerbathShopping for bathroom fixtures, installations and furnishings can be a head-spinning experience. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which products are right for your renovation.

Whether you’re simply swapping out the toilet or planning a full-on gut-and-replace remodel, Kohler’s useful Bathroom Buyer’s Guide can direct you every step of the way.

Have Your Tape Measure

Prominent design blogs always tout the importance of measuring your space before heading to the supply warehouse – but what exactly do we need to measure?

Kohler breaks down all the details you need to start shopping with confidence, from rough-in measurement for your toilet, average bathtub dimensions and more.

Make Considerations

For each element of your bathroom remodel, Kohler asks just the right questions to help guide you to a smart decision.

Be sure to answer honestly before browsing product lines. Questions are specifically geared towards helping you determine the best way to utilize your space.

Break Down the Room into “Spaces”

Bathroom design begins by looking at each of the 4 major elements of the room:

  • Bathing Space
  • Showering Space
  • Styling / Grooming Space
  • Toilet Space

It’s important that your finished product integrates all four spaces. Since each space requires unique considerations, it’s helpful to analyze each one separately. The Bathroom Buyer’s Guide makes it easy to do just that.

Discover New Products

One of the beautiful advantages of going through the Bathroom Buyer’s Guide is the likelihood that you’ll run across products and designs you never knew existed.

From integrated music to wall sprays, alcove air baths and unique bathroom accessories, there’s always something new making waves in the Kohler catalog.

Integrate Seamlessly

Some homeowners prefer a truly congruent bathroom design, where every element fits together. When shopping with Kohler, matching apples to apples is a breeze.

Boutique suppliers may offer more one-of-a-kind styles, but Kohler is one of the few bathroom supply manufacturers that is truly a one-stop shop. Find a collection you like and voila, all you’ve got to do is purchase the set.

Learn Ins and Outs

The Bathroom Buyer’s Guide is a great way to get to know the ins and outs of bathroom fixtures. Learn about finishes, configurations, WaterSense technology and design coordination.

In the shower, get up to speed with spray functionality, shower components, kits, fittings and sensory experience.

Enjoy stress-free planning and dive head first into your bathroom makeover with confidence! We can’t wait to see what you create.

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